Amitruck mobile app uses mobile and cloud technology to enable the transportation of goods to markets in Kenya and around its environs. The application will help customers have easier access of fleets/trucks by using the mobile app during transportation of their goods. The app will propel the transport industry as the country is embracing digital systems.

Mr Mark Mwangi, Amitruck Founder & CEO said “As we embrace the 4th Industrial revolution, the mobile phone has played a significant role in shaping African technology. Due to its accessibility and high penetration rates in Africa, it gives start-ups an appropriate tool to create and deliver locally relevant solutions.”

The application makes work easier for truck owners and their drivers by creating employment opportunities for truck drivers since it will work as a link between the customer and the drivers. The customers have a variety of trucks to choose from depending on their convenience.

The mobile app, which is available on Google Play, will benefit both the customers and the truck owners. It will allow customers to track their goods while they are being transported. While the truck owners will grow their businesses with the access to more customers and have full control of their trucks and choose jobs they want. Amitruck has an insurance policy that covers goods transported by their drivers for upto Ksh. 500,000.

How Amitruck app works

  • Book a delivery for your load using the Mobile app
  • The nearest trucks are informed and their quotes are sent to you on the app.
  • Choose a quote and make a payment
  • Payment is held in escrow and the vehicle is dispatched to make your delivery
  • You may now contact driver for updates
  • Once you confirm delivery has been made successfully on the App payment is released to the driver