Chinese Smartphone maker OPPO announced the launch of a phone with 10-times lossless zoom technology. It will hopefully be released in Kenya during the year. OPPO revealed this information when it hosted its first global Innovation Event on the eve of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

The phone will have a triple-lens camera structure. Including a 48MP main camera, 120-degree ultra-wide lens and telephoto lens. Which can cover a broad focal lengths of 16 mm-160 mm and make up the 10-times lossless zoom.  OPPO brand has been able to make its users discover the beauty that is around them and the different possibilities with its impeccable camera features.

Driven by a “consumer-first” ethos, OPPO is committed to enabling all people to enjoy the benefits of the digital lifestyle. It has over time worked on cementing its reputation as an innovator in the mobile communications space. OPPO has broken through across various countries in Africa and the Middle East. It is in Kenya, Egypt, Algeria, Nigeria, Tunisia, Morocco and other places such as United Arabs Emirates, Qatar, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Oman in the Middle East. OPPO has over the years been the leading global smart device brand since 2008 after it launched its first smartphone “the Smiley Face.”

The mobile company has been able to  develop a periscopic module that is structured in a horizontal organisation. This reduces the thickness of the lens, resulting in a camera module only 6.76 mm thick. This has enabled the brand to work around developing better and unique camera features. The features allow its users to have industry-first innovations overtime through image beautification technology, 5G, AI, AR/VR or other emerging mobile technologies.

OPPO is centered on heavily in investing in innovation with a huge commitment to R&D. Innovation is the top most priority and the driving force behind OPPO. Making various different developments that will be able to bring the future into the consumer’s hands.

The company is bent on bringing more advances particularly in 5G and photography to the technology space. The phone will have optical image stabilization features on both the main camera and telephoto lens so that images become less blurry. The 10-times lossless zoom is mass-production-ready and will appear in a product soon.

Oppo also showcased at the event its first smartphone that is designed to work in a 5G network. It announced the release of its first 5G smartphone and the OPPO 5G Landing Project as well. It will be powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor and paired with the chipmaker’s AX50 5G modem. The Oppo 5G phone is likely to be launched this year too.

This project will see OPPO partnering with  Swisscom, Telstra, Optus plus other companies well invested in developing technology products like Singtel. With the aim of promoting the implementation of 5G products and services. OPPO will have these collaborations so as to give consumers the experience of new levels of performance and efficiency that will empower new use cases and connect new industries.

The 5G Smartphone will change the smartphone game with the 4K, 8K video download/upload/cloud-play, 3D video calling, 5G cloud gaming, and multi-player AR/VR game, in-store navigation, AR shopping integrated, immersive, entertainment everywhere and more.

Endorsing OPPO’s commitment to 5G innovation, Cristiano Amon, President of Qualcomm Incorporated, noted that given the manufacturer’s leadership in the 4G era, OPPO is well positioned to be a leader in the transition to 5G.

“We see tremendous opportunities to drive further innovation in the 5G era, and Qualcomm Technologies looks forward to working closely with OPPO to realize the true potential of 5G and support the launch of their first 5G smartphone,” he said.

The 5G smartphone will be powered by a flagship Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 855 Mobile Platform with the X50 5G modem, integrated RF transceiver and RF Front-End solutions.