Mumbai is a city where people from different traditions reside. Apart from Mumbaikars, there are people from many different states living here. Other than the famous vadapaos there are different cuisines served in the restaurants of Mumbai and Bihari cuisine is one of the popular ones. If you are someone who is from Bihar or love Bihari cuisine, then there are a few restaurants in Mumbai where you can have the best of Litti chokhas which will taste like they are straight from the streets of Bihar. Here is a list of some of the best restaurants in Mumbai to taste the food of Bihar:


Situated at Raj Industrial complex, Marol, Andheri East, Mumbai, this restaurant serves different varieties of Bihari cuisine from dum aloo ki sabji, aloo bhujiya, aloo parwal sukhi sabji, kadhi, aloo gobhi tarkari, matar paneer, and north dal tadka. This menu is the typical Bihari menu which one gets to see in Bihar. Apart from the food that one gets here, the ambience of the place is also excellent. It opens around 10 A.M and closes around 11:15 P.M. So, all the litti chokha lovers run to this place to have a bite of your favourite dish as this place has a wide variety of litti choka from litti box, aloo litti chokha, sattu litti chokha, fried litti chokha to plain litti chokha. This place is a must visit if you are from Bihar or a lover of litti chokha.


Situated at 5, Narayan Niwas, Hanuman Road, Vile Parle East, Mumbai this is a multi-cuisine restaurant that serves Bihari, Banarsi and Bengali cuisine. Talking of the Bihari cuisine this restaurant serves some of the hot picks from Bihar like Litti chokha, Kachari, Daal khichadi, Aloo paratha, Sattu paratha, Gobi paratha, Aloo tikiya chola chaat and Gulab jamun. The ambience is very vibrant and cool, and one must visit this place if one wants to try different Bihari cuisines along with Bengali and Banarasi as this place serves zillion varieties.

Litti Express

Situated at E5/6 Green Park, Milat Nagar Joggers Park, Andheri West, Mumbai this place serves one of the elaborated menu of Bihari cuisine from litti chokha, ghugni+ puri, thekua, bihari curry burry, bihari paneer masala, bihari soyabean chaap, bihari daal fry, tarkari, chura matar, rajama rice to chura dahi which is one of the most famous meal apart from litti chokha among the people of Bihar. One also gets adauri ki sabji and besan ki sabji on order, which is only available by order. One will get different styles of plating of litti chokha, and that is something which is quite interesting. The ambience of this place is quite vibrant and casual. Ashish Parashar started this restaurant. This place has outdoor seating with a very casual vibe and has a lot of vegetarian options. This place opens around 11 A.M and closes at 11 P.M. So, if you are someone who wants to try Bihari cuisine with a lot of vegetarian options than this place is a must visit for you.

Litti Express Bihari Cuisine

Situated at 587, Adarsh Nagar, Oshiwara, Jogeshwari West, Mumbai, this place has a great variety of non-vegetarian thali including Bihari egg thali, Bihari chicken thali, Bihari mutton thali, Bihari rehu fish thali, champaran mutton thali along with veg thali. There is a wide variety of parathas including paneer paratha, aloo paratha, methi paratha, mutter paratha, pyaaz paratha, ajwaini paratha, laccha paratha, ajwaini roti, tawa roti. There are other dishes including maghi chicken biryani, chura mutter, chura dahi, gur kheer kadam, gur ka kheer, sattu ka sarbat, kulhad chai, litti chokha, litti mutton, litti chicken, sattu ka paratha and ghughni puri.  This place opens at 11 A.M and closes at 11 P.M. So, if you are someone who is a non-vegetarian and wants to try different varieties of non-veg Bihari dishes, then this place is for you.

Situated at Mira Road, Mumbai, this place serves a wide range of Bihari dishes from baigan aloo soya, ghugnee, chokha, sattu drink, gaya tea, kullad ki chai, gur ki kheer, mal pua, litti chokha, litti ghugnee, sattu paratha with chokha to sattu paratha with ghugnee. This place has a great variety of combos, and one must visit this place to try out these combos.

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