Fashion brand Nanawax to launch in Nairobi


West African fashion brand Nanawax is planning to launch in Nairobi in the coming months. The announcement was made at an exclusive runaway event in Nairobi that showcased the brand’s latest designs.

Commenting during the event, Nanawax CEO and fashion mogul Maureen Ayité said “The fashion industry is a dynamic one, with several brands coming into the fashion space and creating a place for themselves in the highly competitive industry. The fashion market is a large one, with increasing demands from fashion enthusiasts, however the increase in fashion brands hasn’t exactly met the demand. So many brands don’t give the confidence, exclusivity and versatility demanded and this is where Nanawax steps in.”

Nanawax was founded in 2012 by Beninese fashion entrepreneur Maureen Ayité. Nanawax is an African ready-to-wear fashion brand with stores in France, Senegal, Togo, Côte d’Ivoire, Benin and Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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