U.S. Ambassador to Kenya Robert F. Godec launched the Feed the Future Kenya Country Plan which features under the U.S. Global Food Security Strategy. The Ksh. 11.5 Billion ($115 million) country plan serves as a framework for implementing the second phase of Feed the Future program which is part of the global food security strategy.

The Global Food Security Strategy seeks to reduce poverty and improve the economic capabilities of local farmers and pastoralists. The strategy involves 12 countries of which Kenya is included. It focuses on three main goals:

  • Inclusive and sustainable agricultural-led economic growth
  • Strengthened resilience among people and systems
  • A well-nourished population

So far, the partnership of Kenya and U.S. through the food security projects has impacted nearly 900,000 Kenyan farmers. This has been through farming assistance for better crops and increased milk production, and facilitation of getting those products to market.