How to get a loan from Barclays Timiza


Barclays Bank Kenya launched a digital banking platform, dubbed Timiza, last week. The platform offers services such as loans, insurance, can hailing, bills payment and can also serve as a bank account.

To get a loan from Timiza, you need to do the following:

1. Register for the service

You can register on the Timiza platform by dialing via dialing *848# on your Safaricom line or downloading the app from the Google Play Store.

2. Creating an account

To create an account you need a Safaricom number that is M-Pesa registered. You will be sent a PIN to activate the service and later a recreate key to access your account.

3. Applying for a loan

Once you have successfully created an account, you can be able to apply for a loan.

Timiza offers loans of upto Ksh. 150,000 and the loan amount that you get depends on your M-pesa transaction history. The loan amount will be charged an interest of 6.17% (i.e. 5% processing fee and 1.17% interest). The loan is payable in 30 days.

  1. Why is it 30days? I thought it will be like one year so that people can access the loan. Thanks

  2. i have dialled*848# but I have never get the pin to access the service please help thanks

  3. I entered a wrong pin,message displayed enter 1 as option to get a new pin but did not get one.

  4. I entered a wrong pin,message displayed enter 1 as option to get a new pin but did not get one.

  5. why withdrawal charges? this means one will incur withdrawal charges twice? from timiza account and then mpesa account.

    1. I applied but I got a reapply on my loan limit that I need to double check my crb status I want to give me proper explanation on this I need money why complicate it?

  6. I dialed *848# and applied for a loan of 3k, and I got a notification that you still reply me shortly. That was yesterday night and until now I have not receive a penny. Please may I know why if you don’t mind?

  7. I got registered and when I asked for loan limit, I was told that it applied to safaricom members who are 6 months and above

  8. I have been an active mpesa holder for over ten years now.When i enquire for Timiza loan limit,you say that i must be an active mpesa holder for over six months so as to qualify,i get confused!!Kindly let me know whether i qualify for a loan or not.

  9. #848# isn’t going through and am using a windows phone. Do you have any other alternative for windows users?

  10. Am getting a message that only M-pesa customers can get a loan. Have been a customer for the last 5yrs and am not understanding this message please clarify for me.

  11. I didn’t enter the oin within the 72hrs given now they saying it’s blocked typing 1 for reset without any lack

  12. My loan limit… I did everything i mean registration and all but I have not gotten
    a loan limit yet I am really in need. Please help.

  13. I did not enter my pin because of network error,so i cant get in my profile,what can i do?

  14. Am asked to enter my pin No whereby I was not given . now if I try *848# am asked to enter my pin. Then am told to press 1 if I forget it. I don’t understand pliz.

  15. Wanted to check for loan limit but gives false notification on my current status on Mpesa membership.I have more than 6 months being a member of Mpesa.

  16. Is this loan really exist? I requested and they are telling me only safaricom customers will get the loan yet I’m a customer

  17. I registered with mpesa many years back,but when I applied for a loan I was told I have to be active for 6months.I think am qualified and why deny me a loan

  18. I requested for a loan – 4k. It was granted but unable to transfer it to my M-PESA Account. What do I do. Pls assist me.

  19. I am trying to withdraw from my timiza wallet to my mpesa ,but the process seams impose.
    What could be the problem and the loan is already approved.
    Please help out.

  20. I want to be register myself but I have entered 848 but no good result.

  21. when i request for a loan you are giving me a message that i havent selected my bank from the payment screen. I dont see the payment screen

  22. Hi, I recently tried to register for TIMIZA a/c I recieved registration code but the code cant be taken what should I do next.

  23. Hi my account is not activated because the activation code you gave me cant be taken.what should I do next.

  24. I registered but u didn’t sent me a pin my number 0708067309_,and update your menu on my phone pliz

  25. I’ve tried to repay but to no avail, I deposited 4k in my timiza acc but not reflected in account balance and hence unavailable to repay… what could be wrong

  26. I paid my loan on schedule, but its not been effected up to date. It shows I still have a loan

  27. Hello I tried applying a loan from timiza and my pin was blocked please help .

  28. Please assist me with my previous pin that I had applied for timizi which I’ve forgotten and I need to apply a loan. Thanks

  29. How long does it take someone to qualify for a loan after installing the app?

  30. i was given a small loan which i repaid within one week, i have tried to take another but in vain, what could be the problem?

  31. I registered with bu unfotunately forgot my pin,please help me in pin rest.

  32. I have been registered with mpesa yet each time get msg should be registered 6 months or more to get loan & also cant deposit as never get mpesa pin prompt only get cancelling request without my doing so-muhsin rajab, msa

  33. am trying to register by dialing *848 but am being informed that the service in unavailable. What might be the problem. kindly help

  34. I confirm the loan limit and I was told that I can’t qualified yet my friend a listed one on crb qualify I think the your system might be having issues

  35. I have tried requesting for the loan for almost one month now but I have’nt been given.WHY?

  36. us Why does it look like a scam. My loan was approved problem is it was not transferred to my mpesa account . All it says is please pay you loan yet you’ve not transferred any cash??

  37. Where do you get a transaction PIN? I want to access my money through the MPESA.

  38. Why am I being told that I don’t qualify for a loan or is there another criteria that is used to see who qualifies for such loans?
    Please work on your system it’s kind of slow

  39. Good morning.
    Kindly resend for me my pin am not able to access my account by *848#. Thanks

  40. Plz resend me the pin again.
    Why is my app not installing. That devise not rooted. Wat does this mean?

  41. Hi,am trying to apply but am not getting response,what is the matter or where is the problem?

  42. I got the message that you have transferred the loan I applied for to my mpesa account but since yesterday to now its yet to reflect in my account,kindly why is that so?

  43. I have regestred and applied for a loan of ksh3000 and it was approved but I have not received since yesterday my loan limit is ksh7900??

  44. I just paid my loan of 5000 which I had been credited last week and have applied for my loan limit of 13300 which my request has been approved yet it hasn’t
    reflected in my account balance. why?

  45. I have finally given up. First… I was supposed to be a valid M’PESA customer for over 6 months & in my case lam over 10 years. Secondly, to qualify for a loan TIMIZA now requests me to use their services for Loan consideration…. services I do no know. For two months +++ w/out any success…. quite dissapointed!!!

  46. i have a debt but the money has not been reflected in my m pesa account after withdrawal from timiza

  47. Hi team… the money has been disbursed in my timiza account and have already withdrew it to my mpesa account but when checking the balance is zero now am wondering it’s ascam because the interest has been roll over and have received nothing.
    Please advise asap

  48. I applied for a loan en you approved,I tried to transfer to my mpesa account… You said it’s successful but I can’t get the money in my mpesa account!

  49. Cant withdraw money from Timiza acount to mpesa.whats the problem and have already recieced the loan

  50. I dialed *848# and applied for a loan of 1010, and I got a notification that you still reply me shortly. That was yesterday night and until now I have not receive a penny. Please may I know why if you don’t mind?

  51. I dialed *848# and applied for a loan of 1010, en you approved,I tried to transfer to my mpesa account… You said it’s successful but I can’t get the money in my mpesa account!

  52. I Did Sent The Repuest 4 The Loan But Apone Going Through My Messages I Delete The Pin B4 Entering . need The New Pin ,thanks.

  53. My loan is expiring kesho and i am unable to do deposits or repay my loan. Need urgent response.

  54. my loan was approved but I can’t transfer it to mpesa and doesn’t show my balance in my Timiza account .what’s the problem?.

  55. I paid my loan yesterday, told I qualify for another but in vain till now not accessed. Maybe using the wrong procedure. Advise the procedure and explain if pin is different from transaction pin.

  56. You gave me loan limit of 1800.I Applied but no response.How long do you take to approve loans?

  57. I have fully paid for my first loan but when I request for another loan am being told that am not qualified for a loan why is that?

    1. hello timiza I have tried to log in my account they tell me to enter pin and I haven’t received verification

  58. please assist me get a loan i have tried the step above but beingtold wrong pin

  59. I have fully paid my second loan on time but up to now is around three week but still i can’t qualify for another loan,where is the problem .please help me

  60. I registered but I was not issued with the pin to enable me access the account.I also tried to call your call Center but no responding.Please assist

  61. I didn’t receive the pin but when I try to open the application its asking for the pin ,what can I do ?

  62. Dialed*848# told the service not available,dialing the same code am being requasted the pin which i wasnt given.assist

  63. Timiza loan app is not supported on a rooted device. Kindly assist in accessing my account to get my cash

  64. Pin has never been sent since registering, but again it asks for pin when I try to log in

  65. I was not sent pin number and you are telling me that I enter my pin. Please assist me to get it and you loan me. I have never been taken to CRB and am calling and you are not picking my call.

  66. I have never seen my pin number. Efforts to reset,your all agents are busy for two days now.can we ran away.advice pls.

  67. Unfortunately I haven’t gotten my pin and when I dial *848# I’m being told to put in the pin and I don’t have…

  68. Pleas share your help line.Am told somethigwent wrong with my request what it s??

  69. Need to register but the response is to reset pin yet I’ve not been given,pls help

  70. I. Forgot the pin I was sent by Timiza. I was requesting for assistance…071935121

  71. whats the problem with this bank,when someone registers he/she is not given the PIN why……….?

  72. I did registration but the pin was not sent, kindly send me the pin to get started thank you

  73. On Monday i paid my loan through your Timiza app and i only received confirmation from M-pesa but from your end i didn’t receive any clearance so i have been calling you to update my account since Monday is like talking to a deaf ears but on Wednesday you did reversal of my money to M-pesa and you told me to pay through paybill number not Timiza App know the same issue arose sine yesterday whereby i paid through M-pesa and know clearance from your end why are you giving me so much headache.

  74. I applied about 2 hours ago, but not gotten my pin! And when I reapply, it says, thank you for using this service. Pls help.

  75. I registered some hours back, but have not gotten the pin. Pls help.

  76. Payed my loan but my account still reads you have an active loan balance .why is this happening??

  77. I cleared my loan yesterday and up to now it does not reflect, and your agents are always busy.

  78. I paid my loan of 5307/- yesterday via the app but till now I have not received your clearance and today you rolled me with a fee??? Is this a scam or what please respond asap !we can’t have Barclay’s frustrate people like this!

  79. How do l repay my loan,l tried several times in vain.Which is the transaction pin?

  80. Please my dear customer officers of Timiza,what is happening?you call for help our agents are busy please wait .we use money on calling your office.No help now three weeks loans is there in my Timiza acount but it is a problem to my m-pesa acount.And have been ţold to pay as months ends what shall i do ? No help when you call.

  81. Hello.I applied for loan of 4k yesterday and you said my request will be notified shortly until today it is not yet.Please help I want to use

  82. I did register some days ago but have not been issued with the pin no.,,please help!

  83. i think this timiza thing isnt a 100% sure since many never got there pins to go to the next step including i

  84. hallo, i registered but have not yet received my activation pin, please help

  85. you are joking with our mind this thing is not working at all….I have spend my whole 100 calling you from the morning

  86. My pin was blocked. I can’t access my account and customers care are picking calls

  87. How long does it take for someone to qualify for loan.since my registration almost 5 days but still I am not eligible for a loan

  88. which pin I’m i supposed to use. it indicates that my pin has been blocked. Help

  89. Hi,
    I had a loan and while repaying in i entered id number as account instead of phone number, Kindly assist since you have already charged overdue.

  90. trying to login with my password am being told that it has expired kindly help

  91. This guys should just scrap this service coz it aint working i tried my self and its giving me the same message i have read in the thread above.scrap this service n bring it back wen its fully functional coz as it is its only frustrating people who are already frustrated with other things hence the reason for applying for the loan.

  92. I have registered but I have not received the pin and even downloaded the app but am being told the app cannot be used on a rooted device

  93. In have unrooted and am told I can’t open the app. Using the safaricom line,when I send the I’d to the code am told I am already registered though I can’t rem registering

  94. I registered last week forgot my password i have tried to reset in vain what do i do?

  95. when I try to log in a pin number is required and Timiza never sent me the pin….what do I do since trying to get in touch with Timiza agents has been in vain…

  96. Can I repay the loan in pits within the month so long as I clear the debt?

  97. To me am yet to get any loan so I have no comment either positive or negative toward the app.

  98. i registered yesterday but never got the pin till have started questioning if you people are real because your customer service is poor better KCB-M-PESA

  99. I call no reply. I accidentally deleted the message for pin can u resend another one to activate my account?

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