More than 615,000 students have already conducted rehearsals for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education. Experts say that this year national examination promises to be flawless. Why can it be so? Continue reading the article to get more tasty facts.

The latest facts of examination 2017 demonstrate that the administration has finally managed to keep off fraudsters due to improved watchfulness, sophisticated security meetings, and extra security options used on exam papers.

Additionally, only several cases were observed during the KCPE exam where more than 1,003,500 candidates were tested across 28,500 special exam centers. A noteworthy incident happened in Baringo County. A Form One student tried to write the exam for another candidate who studied at Kapngetuny Secondary School.

Professor George Magoha, the Kenya National Examination Council chairman, reported that they arrested that case because all security measures had worked flawlessly. “Now you see that our newly-introduced security system really works perfectly. So, anybody who will try to cheat during the exam will be caught,” explained George Magoha.

Additionally, Belio Kipsan’g, the Education PS, reminded all county directors of education, regional education coordinators, and sub-county directors of education to stay watchful. He also told again that during the national examination the mentioned categories of people would not be allowed to take any leave.

Experts also stressed the fact that never before national examination had been prepared so carefully. Kenyan President Kenyatta ordered his administration to keep an eye on the tests, demonstrating the highest planning and execution level of national examinations 2017.

Education, Information and Communication Technology, and Internal Security ministers are personally responsible for providing all personnel with all the necessary stuff for exam monitoring. Moreover, special inter-ministerial monitoring groups are organized across the country. Additionally, Uhuru Kenyatta surprised everyone with his unexpected visit to Westlands Primary School where the President communicated with KCPE candidates before they started writing their Science exam.

“My administration has done everything to guarantee that national examination in 2017 will be conducted in absolutely arranged and see-through manner,” Kenyatta emphasized.

Almost all education personnel from Teachers Service Commission (TSC), Kenya Institute of Special Education, Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development, have been actively employed to supervise the national examination. To improve security measures, Matiang’i has recently gathered top security meeting where he discussed all additional security measures during the exams.

Additionally, according to Kipsan’g’s special order, all education officials must file everyday exam reports. Moreover, to simplify online exam monitoring, WhatsApp group for top Ministry of Education officials has already been set up. “Regional education coordinators must make daily reports on the WhatsApp platform to see all the results in the real time,” the Education PS emphasized.

Now you see that Kenyan government and the President personally have managed to do their best to arrange national examinations 2017 in the best possible manner. Due to unprecedented security measures, almost no fraudsters have been detected yet. We hope this initiative will be continued in 2018.