The technology landscape in Kenya and other parts of Africa has been changing rapidly. More people are now using smartphones and are connected to the internet at all times. More portions of everyday information, from photos to personal details, are stored digitally. The use of social media is also on the rise.

These advancements mean there is a growing need for proper information security. People are beginning to understand the importance of privacy and protecting their personal information. Digital security measures are put in place to respond to the increasing awareness.

Backups and Redundancies for Businesses

There is a growing demand for backup solutions across multiple market segments, including among businesses in the country. Digitally stored information can be protected by putting a good backup routine in place. Files are now stored in offline, disconnected storage devices for safekeeping. This simple step alone prevents data corruption due to malicious attacks.

The demand for multiple redundancies is also rising at a steady rate among business users. Solution providers are beginning to add automatic backup features and remote backup locations as part of their service packages. Businesses no longer have to worry about purchasing separate solutions just to maintain multiple copies of their essential files.

Cloud Performance and Reliability

Even with the best security measures in place, it is still possible for offline storage devices to get damaged. The risks of natural disasters and other hazards harming the integrity of stored information is relatively high, which is why a more reliable solution is needed. This is where cloud computing comes in handy.

Businesses are switching to cloud-based solutions for all the right reasons. The lack of substantial investment at the beginning and the immense performance offered by today’s cloud solutions are too good to miss. In fact, cloud services are considered the more economical solution for businesses thanks to the affordable long-term costs.

There is one additional advantage offered by storing information in the cloud: easy access. With the economy growing at its present rate, businesses need to work harder in order to remain competitive. Providing team members with access to all essential information at any time (and from anywhere) is a great way to achieve this.

Disaster Recovery

Despite these alternatives, it is still necessary for businesses to have good disaster recovery plans in place. In the event of a catastrophic failure, having a contingency plan will allow businesses to resume operations as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of solutions to help with disaster recovery. MySQL data repair adds an extra layer of security and helps protect essential information about customers and business operations. General recovery services are also available to help with hard drive failures and other more conventional cases of data loss.

All of these measures and layers of security are now accessible at more affordable rates thanks to the growing demand. It will be interesting to see more solutions being made available not only to business users, but also to personal users.