Kenyan millennials, there’s a new drink for you. Kenya Breweries last week launched a new bold and spunky beverage into the market, the Smirnoff Ice Electric Ginseng. As is evident from the name, the drink contains the exotic herb Ginseng, a herb that has been used for decades in Asian food and drink culture.

The addition of Ginseng sets the drink aside from the other ready to drink beverages under the Smirnoff brand, Smirnoff Red, Smirnoff Black ice, Smirnoff double black and Smirnoff Guarana. Smirnoff Ice Electric Ginseng comes in a sleek blue 330ml can and will be retailing at Kshs.140/-

“Kenya is the first market in the world to launch the Smirnoff Ice Electric Ginseng. The drink cues to the freshness, youthfulness and energetic spirit among Kenyan millennial consumers. It is an illustration of our innovativeness to meet market needs by providing a range of Smirnoff ready to drink beverages to cater for different demographics and market segments,” said Fred Otieno, the Head of Innovations at Kenya Breweries.

Millennials are consuming quite a bit of alcohol, with 54% alcohol volume being attributable to them. They are trendy and are on constant look out for new things to try out and associate with. This is the spirit that Kenya Breweries Limited is looking to capture with this new bold drink.