The song Tuendelee by Kleptomaniax totally changed the music industry in Kenya. The lead bad boy Nyamari Ongengu, popularly known by his stage name Nyashinski, was a favourite because of his lyrical prowess. That was 2004. Fast forward to 2016 after a long hiatus he does the song Let it go with Nameless. In the song he actually sings and breaks away from his usual rap style. Fans were happy to hear him again but not were not sure whether he would go on another break.

I hope he has no intention of going away given how amazing his new hit single is. In the new song Now You Know Nyashinski addresses the rumuors of him going broke or being hooked to drugs as the reason for his musical silence. He also talks of how rappers are being treated in the industry and affirms that he is back to take the industry by storm. One thing he has not lost is his songwriting skills. You will remember why you first loved Nyashinski.

The video to this new song is a long way from when he first broke out. It is simple, very well directed and it is literally him taking about his personal journey. The aerial shots show landscapes that are breathtaking. He has this dance move that he does at some point that will remind you of the old Nyashinski. The video has been up slightly over a day and has been viewed 15,000 times as of writing this article. This goes to show that his fans have been eagerly waiting for him. Hopefully he is working on album. His comeback shakes up the hip hop industry. There is nothing as good as some good old beef because some of the best hip hop hits are diss tracks.