Seems that our obsession has moved from Nigeria to South Africa as Kenyan artists continue to collaborate with artists from the south. Jaguar has worked with Mafikizolo on the song ‘Going Nowhere’. The song is a South African house which is more or less equivalent to our very own Kapuka. It is a party song whose lyrics are a mash up of Kiswahili, what sounds like Zulu and yes Sheng.

It started with Sauti Sol teaching MiCasa a Swahili phrase and now Jaguar has taught Mafikizolo how to ‘Piga Chobo’. Are kids today still playing this game? One thing that is enviable though is how distinctive Mafikizolo and MiCasa are in their collaborations with Jaguar and Sauti Sol respectively. That is something we are yet to achieve in Kenya.

If there is one thing that i can say is constantly improving in the music industry it is the quality of music videos. This video seems to have had a good budget given the number of people in it and of course the numerous set-ups. It is clear that Mafikizolo shadow Jaguar’s energy in the video. The energy that he portrays in the acting scenes is  however so much better than in his verses. The verses just like in his other song are wanting, me thinks paying song writers would do him some good. The dancers in the video killed it with their performances making the video entertaining to watch.

The views on YouTube are impressive thus far. Whether this song will push Jaguar’s ratings in the African market remains to be seen. I am personally happy with the magic that is being created by working with fellow African artists. By the way Mongolo is in the video, where has the guy been?