Technology for me is something that I really don’t take so much interest in. I generally prefer the old tried tested and trusted ways.However I have discovered a few  amazing apps that I believe every modern woman should have.These are 5 of the best:


We are all about to get paid our salaries plus a Christmas bonus.There are offers everywhere that promise heaven and earth but come January you will be regretting the choices.This app can help you plan your money by categorizing all your finances into one place to make budgeting and saving so much easier.

2. myPill

As a woman of a certain age you need to take charge of your reproductive health.This app sets an alarm for you to take the pill,put on your patch or ring and sends a reminder when your period is on the way.It also reminds you when it’s time to buy a new pack of pills.No more excuses.

3. Nike+Training Club

Let’s face it gym memberships are expensive and Nairobi traffic makes it difficult for you to make it to your sessions on time.You want to look and feel good and this app is the answer to your problems.On this app there are more than 100 workouts designed by Nike Master trainers.You can choose your fitness goal,your level and there is even an option to pick what trainer you want to work out with.All this is on your phone or tablet.So if you have twenty minutes to spare,clear your work area change into your gear and work those muscles.

4. 24me

Imagine having your own virtual personal assistant.This app generates  your daily tasks and reminders, and completes them for you with a tap of a button. With a tap of a button you can: Pay bills, send gifts for events, have real life assistants to run your errands, post greetings, call, text and email.

5. Mirror

Now I know you might be wondering why this app is here but for a lady constantly on the move you need this.Sometimes you are on transit from one place to another that requires you to change from a day look to say a cocktail look.You might need to change or touch up your make up and have no mirror.This app is your solution.You can zoom in to areas on your face,freeze your image,increase the light and basically get the same results you would when using a real mirror.

All these apps are available for IOS and Android.You can thank me later.