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Kaduda, a mobile hand set with a 1.3MP camera, bluetooth, micro SD Slot and data enabled is retailing at KShs 999 in Orange shops.

Kaduda will have one of the SIMs locked to Orange with the other open to any network. It also comes with a long battery life, with the option of activating a super battery mode.

In addition, Orange has partnered with Green Light (GLP) and coupled Kaduda’s launch with that of Sun king Lamps by the firm. These lamps act as charging points for consumers without access to electricity.

You can get a Kaduda + Sun King Lamps bundle for either KShs 3899, KShs 4699 or KShs 8799 depending on which of the Sun King Lamps you choose.

Kaduda is available in red, black and white in Orange shops across the country.