Intel x She Leads Africa Poster

Intel has signed a partnership with She Leads Africa to host educational workshops for tech entrepreneurs in cities across Africa. The first city to host the workshops will be Nairobi which kicks off the whole chain on Saturday January 24. The workshop will then move to Johannesburg, Lagos and many more cities.

The idea behind the workshops is to empower female developers who are looking to their businesses and eventually IPO for millions of dollars as well as all you Boss Women who are running tech enabled businesses.

You can get to be part of the workshop and learn a few tips to help you grow your venture. Some of the things you can expect from the workshop is learning about the Lean Start Up model and how to test your product quickly and cheaply with the market. Entrepreneurs will also be trained on how to use Intel architecture in their businesses as well as some of the creative ways that technology can be used to solve business problems.

Participants must apply to participate ensuring that the women selected will be some of the most exciting tech entrepreneurs on the continent. To be a part of this exciting and potentially life changing workshop, apply online.