3 Reasons Why Tusker Twende Kazi is a boring TV show

Jenny Muigai and Dj Adrian in France
Jenny Muigai and Dj Adrian in France

Tusker Twende Kazi premiered on 23rd January 2014 after an aggressive media campaign. There was a lot of hype surrounding the show that generated an interest to watch it. The concept isn’t a bad one and the thought of watching a few of our celebs outside their comfort zones seemed entertaining. However, after watching a few episodes I’m bored. Here’s why.

1. It has no hook

Participants in the show take part in a relay race to deliver a bottle of Tusker to Humprey Khayange in London. Apparently the idea was to be part of the Kenya at 50 celebrations. That is all good and well however, there is no hook. It would be more interesting if it was a competition to see which team would get to London first.

2. It is obviously staged

Reality shows are generally scripted but it should never be too obvious. The show’s dramatic moments seem contrived. Why should anyone watch a bunch of people pretending to face difficulty in order to deliver a bottle of Tusker that EABL could have airlifted to London in a day?

3. It’s unfair to the non celebrity participants

Tusker Twende Kazi - Payment

Apparently the celebrity participants are being paid to take part in the show. The non celebrity participants are not being paid. I suppose the free travel is payment enough. Hence why I think the idea of a grand prize would have been a great idea.

Full Tusker Twende Kazi Terms for non-celebrities: 1. Tusker Twende Kazi Website 2. PNG

If you haven’t watched Tusker Twende Kazi yet here’s the first episode.

  1. Had a long argument with my friends about this yesterday. I was of the opinion that this show is boring to death and that its just a 1 hour advert. Not that they had to copy the amazing Race 100% but at least throw in some elements to spice it up. But maybe you and i are not the target audience, kenyan TV producers know that a show will always be “successful” provided you throw in some “celebrities” or some woman that we have collectively agreed to be “hot” and then have a vigorous online/social media campaign. It’s our standards that are low, we have no problem with mediocrity, anything on TV after a long day at work, anything that will give me something to tweet about, anything that will make me feel and appear cool and “enlightened” to my peers is good enough.

  2. This Show is boring shit…. sorry to say….. kwani humphry ni nani anapelekwa beer …. with that money used kumpelekea i wuld send him a ticket akuje .. nimpelke hapa afco …. nimnulie crate moja … akunywe ablack out…………….. tusker wako chini tu sana

  3. This show is as exciting as a githeri fart! It was sold as a challenge but it turned out to be a choreographed expedition. Left me feeling cheated. Did they actually think that I would tune in to see a fake challenge? They should have tested the show with audiences before going into full production. On the up side, they did create some jobs!

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