Your chance to own affordable land in Oldonyo Ridge is here

Oldonyo Ridge
Oldonyo Ridge

We all deserve to have a secure future. For most of us, this means owning something that is ours, a piece of land is the ideal choice. One way to achieve this is through Property Reality Company (PRC).

Property Reality Company (PRC) is an organization that specializes in connecting those aspiring to own and invest in the property market to the most exciting development projects in the country. They are at the forefront of demystifying the land ownership process. They make it easier for everyone to own land, it’s not exclusive to the rich.

PRC is exceptionally well positioned in identifying valuable land in prime areas throughout the country. They are currently selling land around Konza city, Lamu and Jomo Kenyatta International airport. They are currently selling at land at Oldonyo ridge which is 12km from Olopolos country club. This is a prime area that helps you escape the hustle and bustle of the city but still be close enough to carry out any business there. This location is ripe for investments and will be a great place to start your own business ventures in the comfort of your own land as development slowly grows in the area.

Oldonyo Ridge
Oldonyo Ridge

PRC sub divides the piece of land into plots of various sizes, the smallest being an eighth of an acre. If a large piece of land is not what you want, then this is definitely the way to go. You can comfortably get your 50x100m and not have to spend a penny on land that will not be put to use.

Saving money when buying land is something we don’t expect. But with PRC this is very possible. It is currently the cheapest property agency in the country. The ratio is an 1/8 of an acre for 100,000/= for those who are cash buyers, and 160,000/= an acre for those who would prefer 4 monthly installments. Title deeds are handed over with completion of payment, all costs inclusive.

Oldonyo Ridge
Oldonyo Ridge

Getting land at the Oldonyo ridge is something to think about. You can get to enjoy the great scenery and escape from the city. Think of it as a small vacation ‘island’ where you spend very little money all thanks to PRC.

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Due to the sensitivity of land purchase, you should take the following precautions before buying land:

1. Establish legal ownership and status by carrying out a ‘search’ at the Ministry of Land. There are two central registries in Kenya where all information related to land can be found – The land registry in Nairobi (also called the Inland Registry) and the Coast Registry.
2. Always use a lawyer for any land transaction because the process is technical and complicated. Ideally, go for a lawyer who specializes in conveyance.
3. Preferably pay using bank cheques, as they are safer than cash.
4. Retain copies of all cheques and obtain receipts for all payments.

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