Karura Forest nature trail: Serene getaway in the city


Karura Forest

Never in my life have I ever spent my money on anything planned or not and did not have to go through my accounts, but I recently spent a hundred bob on a cheap, yet most thrilling experience ever. My friends and I decided to take a trip to the wild and we settled on the Great Karura Forest, located in the outskirts of Nairobi town, just a few kilometers from the Central Business District. There, lies a haven filled with fresh air that brings about a wave of orgasmic frissons only felt once you are inside the magnificent paradise.

From the entrance, deep into the unknown darks,I could not help, in fact, all of us could not help but exclaim at the divine serenity of nature. Along the long dusty trail stand spectacularly tall trees and I mean really tall, and slender, all fighting for the caress of the reduced streaks of sunlight penetrating through. Trees with big bucks, some canopy and others pricky. Venturing deep into the forest, the chirping of the birds and the sharp insects creeks cannot be ignored. There is no wild activity that goes on in here save for, as we learnt later,monkeys and squirrels which go into hiding at the noise of humans.

Karura Forest 2

There are clear labelled footpaths that guide you into which route/ path to take. There is a deserted lake, the Lily Lake across a seasonal river which was, at the time of our visit experiencing a dry spell. There are other lakes too, like the Butterfly lake but that is a visit for another day. Further inside, way deeper into the extensive forest, water literally beats against rocks coming down into a thunderous fall down a cliff as colorless drops splash around, forming a magnificent waterfall. Now, this effect is quite breathtaking, made me wish I had carried a change of clothes, I would just stand at the base like a statue and let it rain on me.

Karura Forest 1

Just beneath the waterfall, the good people at the resort have makeshift benches that you can sit on, take a snack, stretch your legs, relax your feet as you enjoy the spine-tingling scenary. You need this too for the remaining part of the never ending blissful walk.

From the fall, headed deeper into the thinning paths, is a road to even more fascinating features. Dark, shallow, beautifully shaped caves and looking keenly, stalactites grow from the ceiling of the caves. Wonders of nature, A feature within another feature!

Karura forest 4

The caves were the last spot to see on that particular afternoon but the tingling effect that whole trip had given me, I surely must get back to see the rest of the forest. But what I realized during this whole time, the joy in the full expedition lies in the getting lost. Having no idea which way in, out or which one leads to an endless route. If you are the type that is normally scared of the unknowns, you can purchase a map at the entrance for only 500/= but for the daring demons, the lovers of a great adventure, you just have to trust your feet to whichever path they lead you. Get lost, go back the same path, trace another until you find the right one that will lead you out. It is advisable to do this in a group though as the phone reception inside is quite poor, so in case worst comes to worst, you are not lost alone.

Karura Forest Map

I am going to end my thoughts here. So, if you want a day off to clear your head or go out for team building, this is the perfect place to go. For only a hundred bob, you are gonna have the time of your life. Also, your dog, if you own one, will thank you greatly if you take her/him for a walk here. Dress appropriately. Dresses are a no no, otherwise mosquitoes will have an early Christmas on your feet and thighs. Sport shoes, or comfortable snickers will be appropriate. Carry drinking water.

That is it, the secret is out, Now, Go unveil the mystery yourself!

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