Have you ever had a conversation with someone who says something then they laugh but all you can think is “in what world does being vulgar make you funny?” Sometimes a word can be said and it has a vulgar meaning but it’s funny. Other times it’s just offensive. So how do you tell when its humor or vulgarity? This right here is a question most people need to consider in social media and in real life.

Words have so many different meanings when used in different contexts. But this is no excuse to go around throwing offensive words in people’s faces and hope that it’s funny. Others say something nice but the tone of voice just makes it sound vulgar and you get offended.

I get that we all want to be funny online but when we decide to take a vulgar word and use it in the hope of humor we end up looking like idiots. What’s worse is when we refuse to be corrected and keep hurling insults when people point out that it’s vulgar. To fit in is ok but we can’t simply sit and decide to offend others and think it’s hilarious.

I think it’s time we all realized there is a line between vulgarity and humor. Talking about sex can be funny, but if you use the words in such vivid details, you end up being vulgar. So the next time you want to say something, consider that it might be vulgar and offensive to someone. To you it’s funny, to someone else it’s vulgar. Don’t get angry when they point it out, consider their point of view and let them be.