Absa Bank Kenya launched their Buy Now Lipa Pole Pole product some time last month. The product essentially enables one to make big ticket purchases and pay back the money over a period of time at very affordable interest rates.

Given our current economic situation, this product is a life saver given the fact that inflation has led to reduced disposable income. This has meant that a majority of the population has not been able to make some of the purchases/investments that they desire like buying furniture, paying for a holiday e.t.c.  Something which the Absa Buy Now Lipa Pole Pole seeks to remedy.

Here is what you need to know about the Absa Bank Buy Now Lipa Pole Pole facility.


The Absa Bank Buy Now Lipa Pole Pole product allows one to choose the payback period which best suits them that is three, six and twelve months. This flexibility in payment is what I like most about this product because it enables one to pay beck the funds without straining. Also, in the event that one chooses a 12-month payback period and is able to clear the facility in a shorter time, there are no penalties whatsoever.

Interest Rates

When taking a facility from any lender, the one thing a majority of people are keen on is the interest rates. This is because it determines how cheap or expensive the facility is. The Absa Bank Buy Now Lipa Pole Pole facility has some very low interest rates to ensure that it is accessible to as many people as possible.

The rates are as follows.

  • 3 months – 2.5%
  • 6 months – 2.5%
  • 9 months – 2.67%
  • 12 months – 2.67%

Eligible Items

This product is specifically meant to enable one to be able to make the bigger purchases that they would not normally be able to make. As such, it is limited to making payment for things like school fees, hospital bills, flight tickets, hardware items among others. Also, with this product one cannot be able to make purchases of day-to-day items like groceries, fuel and restaurant bills. With the least amount one can spend on a item being Ksh. 10,000.


For one to qualify for the product, they need to visit any Absa Bank branch. Here they will have a look at your monthly income so as to determine your credit worthiness. After which they will give you a credit card that can enable you to access the product. The good thing is that one does not have to be an Absa customer to be able to enjoy this facility. All one has to do is show that they qualify for the product, and they can start enjoying it.