Mary-Ann Musangi who is the CEO of Haco Industries is a woman whose heart is set on changing Africa’s story through manufacturing. She took over the reins of HACO Industries Ltd in 2019 and has since been relentless in transforming the company from a contract manufacturer for international brands to a fully-fledged world class local manufacturing company.

Mary Ann believes that products made in Africa for African people, should complement, and enhance African dignity. Also, that creations of Africa should be as regal, and diverse as the people. Currently, many Skin and Hair Care products imported into the country (and continent) do not consider the health and safety of our populations. She believes that Kenya has what it takes to become a regional powerhouse for cosmetic and haircare products if we leverage our agricultural strengths.

Since taking on the leadership of HACO, Mary-Ann has been intentional in uplifting the marginalized and vulnerable communities in Kenya through her business. She has done this by absorbing micro-enterprises and agri-businesses into HACO’s value chain, providing the space and ability for them to grow through productive enterprises and decent work opportunities.

She is keen to ensure that the that creation of HACO products is a collaborative and inclusive process with
rural agrarian communities towards ending poverty and bringing about equality and equity. These products which include Amara Lotions, Ashanti Haircare line and Miadi contain natural oils sourced from small-scale farms in rural Kenya that are either owned by or primarily employ women in their workforce.

For instance, the Moringa Oil used by HACO, sourced from the Moringa Estate in the coastal county of Kilifi. Majority of the farmers in the estate are women who through many convergent factors have been impoverished and excluded from meaningful activities. Through Moringa farming they are empowered; their dignity is restored. The by-products of Moringa oil are not wasted. The women sell these in their townships as animal feed and materials used to make briquettes.

Mary Ann is also working with similar farms in Central and Eastern parts of Kenya as well as Uganda. She is working to replicate these backward linkages through manufacturing with other agrarian communities within the country and East Africa, She believes in disruptive and adaptive leadership that brings lasting change to the people of Kenya and Africa. Her business acumen spans over 25 years across a variety of sectors of the economy including advertising, pharmaceuticals, financial services, hospitality and FMCG Industries. She sits on the boards of several organizations including Centum, SMART