Polly Irungu, has been appointed as the first photo editor for the office of US Vice President, Kamala Harris. She announced this on her Twitter page this morning.

Polly Irungu is a Kenyan born photographer who has created a platform for black female photographers from around the world. By sharing their work, she gives them a platform to showcase their work and get hired. The platform, Black Women Photographers, also provides a forum where creators can celebrate, elevate and financially support each other especially those who have been affected adversely by the Pandemic.  Irungu was born in Nairobi but is currently based in Brooklyn, New York.

Currently, the site features a number of photographers and filmmakers from Kenya including Sheba Mokua, Michelle Donde, Mumbi Muturi and Esther Sweeney to mention a few. Other photographers included come from South Africa, Ethiopia and Nigeria.