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Bayer South East Africa has partnered with Lachlan Kenya, a subsidiary of Unifert, to distribute Premise 200SC, a premium termiticide targeting the building and construction industry.

According to Bayer, Premise 200SC matches the current customer needs, providing a premium solution for termite control and continuous technical training support for product application.

The company has listed the benefits of Premise 200SC as Guaranteed five years’ effectiveness compared to the average 3 years for other products in the market.

The active ingredient of Premise 200SC has been approved for use for many years for professional pest control in homes and public buildings. The premise has been through a rigorous regulatory evaluation by the government regulator and is safe to people and the environment when the product is used as recommended.

“Termites play a vital role in nature by recycling dead and decaying wood. Unfortunately, they can’t tell the difference between dead trees and structural timbers. Termite barriers, therefore, need to be incorporated into the construction of new and existing buildings, which are vulnerable to termite infestation. Lachlan is a key player in the termiticide market in Kenya and we will integrate our termiticide offering into their established dealership network in Kenya,” said Aladji CISSE, Head of Bayer Environmental Science for Sub-Saharan Africa.

As a life science company offering innovative products that serve the health of humans, plants and animals, Bayer has committed to fostering healthy environments. This includes where people live, work and play, enabling them and communities all over the world to live life to its full potential.