With the excitement that comes with new relationships, sometimes at the beginning of one it is hard to spot the signs that you are incompatible. However seemingly awesome you feel in your new relationship, identifying romantic incompatibilities earlier on will help you avoid long-term unhappy commitments.

If you have found some incompatibility signs in your relationship, it may end in a really bad way. You have to choose either to end it or fix it. But before taking any action, you have to be able to recognize the initial signs of incompatibility in your relationship with your partner. Here are 9 signs to look out for.

1. You have totally different interests

Most people meet as a result of common interests. If you met at a concert, it is probably because you enjoy the kind of music. Likewise if you met at a certain restaurant or at a spoken word gig. The kind of music you like, books you read, and movies you enjoy together are little things that make you enjoy each other’s company.

While you can survive with different interests, these seemingly small differences often result in endless bickering, especially when your partner enjoys things you hate the most.

2. You have different purpose of money

Money cannot buy happiness, but money provides a good and comfortable living for you. This in turn, makes you happy. How you spend your money remains a sensitive issue for couples. It is strongly related to what priorities you have in life. Incompatibility to handle financial matters well often becomes an issue between couples.

3. Incompatible sense of humor

Different people have different senses of humor. What might seem funny for you could be unfunny to others. That is we more likely to be attracted to other people who share the same sense of humor as us. It can be a big deal if you and your partner enjoy a different kind of humor. When you say the things how to tell your boyfriend you do not like something he does, he takes it as a mere joke.

4. Different priorities in life

Priorities matter the most in life, especially when you are in a relationship. It plays a big part when you are in a difficult situation where you have to choose. Priorities include many things in life. For example, you choose your career over your lover. Someday it will be a big problem that causes you to part.

5. Different health habits

In real life, if we are being honest, not everyone enjoys working out and eating healthy. If your partner chooses to enjoy a different stance on health and wellness, it might cause a strain in your relationship. For example, if one party is trying to lose weight and the partner fancies junk food, it will definitely cause a problem for the couple. One party might feel disregarded. To solve this matter, couples have to compromise and treat the other with consideration and fairness.

6. Different ways of handling emotions

Emotion is a thing that some people prefer to conceal inside while others wear it on their sleeve. It simply defines your basic personality and the fact of how one is so open and the other is an introvert can make it difficult for you to communicate. For example, your ways to tell your boyfriend that you feel unappreciated by saying it directly while he never tells you how he feels.

7. Incompatibility on personal space

Everyone feels like they need their personal space and getting away from their lover for a moment. But it is not the case with everyone. Some people cannot even spend a minute away from their partner. The difference between this personal space can drive people apart from their lovers.

8. Different positions on having children

For a married couple, their biggest incompatibility lies in the perception of children. Before getting married, make sure you are on the same page with your partner, or else, you will hardly enjoy life with them.

9. Different fighting styles

Fighting is unavoidable in a relationship. They say your true colors are shown when you are fighting with your partner. However, people have different fighting styles. Some prefer a healthy discussion for the things to do when you and your boyfriend are fighting while he finds it difficult to find the solution for the problems. If you notice hostility or violent physical reactions, you most likely are not compatible.

Compatibility is vital for romantic relationships. Make sure you are compatible with your partner on most issues. This will reduce the risk of misunderstandings and falling out.