With the whole world battling the COVID-19 pandemic, vaccines have been rendered humanity’s best shot at winning the war against the virus. The Government of Kenya through the Ministry of Health has released a list of all approved COVID-19 vaccination sites across the country

On 31st July, 2021 Kenya received 410,000 doses of the AstraZeneca-Oxford COVID-19 vaccine at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, in Nairobi. The vaccines were donated by the United Kingdom Government and transported by UNICEF. This donation be followed by a further donation of 407,000 doses from the UK via the COVAX facility.

The flight was met at the airport by senior Kenya Government officials led by Ministry of Health Chief Administrative Secretary Dr. Mercy Mwangangi, British Deputy High Commissioner Josephine Gauld, UNICEF Chief of Health Yaron Wolman, and WHO Representative to Kenya Dr. Rudi Eggers.

The roll out of the national vaccination campaign is being led by the Ministry of Health, with support from WHO, UNICEF, Gavi and other partners. UNICEF is supporting the distribution of the vaccines and the management of vaccines’ cold chain capacity and in collaboration with WHO, is supporting the Ministry of Health in areas of planning, technical support, capacity building, risk communication and community engagement.

If you or anyone you know have not yet gotten the vaccine, check out the following sites across the country to get your jab.


Baringo central – Baringo county Referat hospital
Baringo North – Kabartonjo sub county hospital
Baringo South/marigat – Marigat sub county hospital
Eldama ravine sub-county – Eldama ravine sub county hospital
Mogotio sub county – Mogotio sub county hospital
Tiaty east sub county – Tangulbei sub county hospital
Tiaty west sub county – Chemolingot sub county hospital


Bomet Central – Bomet H.C
Bomet Central – Kapkoros SCH
Bomet Central – Tenwek Mission Hospital
BOMET Bomet East – Tegat SCH
Chepalungu – Sigor SCH
Chepalungu – Siongiroi HC
Konoin – Mogogosiek HC
Konoin-  Cheptalal SCH
Sotik – Sotik HC
Sotik – Ndanai SCH
Sotik – Kaplong Mission Hospital
Sotik – Kipsonoi HC


Bumula – Bumula Subcounty Hospital
Kabuchai – Chwele Sub-County Hospital
Kanduyi – Bungoma County Referral Hospital
Kanduyi – St. Damiano Mission Hospital
Kanduyi – Elgon View Hospital
Kanduyi – Bungoma west Hospital
Kanduyi – LifeCare Hospital
Kanduyi – Fountain Health Care
Kanduyi – Khalaba Medical Centre
Kimilili – Kimilili Sub-County Hospital
Kimilili – Korry Family Hospital
Kimilili – Dreamland medical Centre
Mt. Elgon – Cheptais Sub-County Hospital
Mt. Elgon – Mt. Elgon Sub-County Hospital
Sirisia – Sirisia Sub-County Hospital
Tongaren – Naitiri Sub-County Hospital
Webuye East – Sinoko Sub-County Hospital
Webuye West – Bokoli Sub-County Hospital
Webuye West – Webuye County Hospital
Webuye West – Lugulu Mission Hospital


Bunyala – Port-Victoria Sub-County Hospital
Bunyala – Mukhobola Health Centre
Butula – Khunyangu Sub-County Hospital
Butula – Bumala B Health Centre
Matayos – Busia County Referral Hospital
Matayos – Matayos Health Centre
Nambale – Nambale Sub-County Hospital
Nambale – Lupida Health Centre
Samia – Sio Port Hospital
Samia – Nangina Holy Family
Teso North – Kocholya Sub-County Hospital
Teso North – Ang’urai Health Centre
Teso North – Malaba Health Centre
Teso South – Amukura Hospital
Teso South – Alupe Isolation Centre Hospital


Keiyo North – Tambach Sub-County Hospital
Keiyo North – Chegilet Health Centre
Keiyo North – Iten County Referral Hospital
Keiyo South – Kamwosor Sub-County Hospital
Keiyo South – Kocholwo Sub-County Hospital
Keiyo South – Kaptarakwa Sub-County Hospital
Keiyo South – Chepkorio H/C (Sub-County DVI store)
Keiyo south – Muskut Health Center
Keiyo south – Flourspar Health Center
Keiyo south – Biretwo Health Center
Marakwet East – Chesoi H/C (Sub-County DVI store)
Marakwet East – Tot Sub-County Hospital
Marakwet East – Kapyego Health Centre
Marakwet West – Chebiemit Sub-County Hospital
Marakwet West – AIC Kapsowar Hospital
Marakwet West – Kapcherop Health Centre
Marakwet West – Arror Health Centre


Manyatta – Embu level 5 Hospital
Manyatta – Kairuri health centre
Manyatta – Embu G.K prison Majimbo
Mbeere North – Mbeere subcounty Hospital
Mbeere North – Ishiara subcounty Hospital
Mbeere South – Embu Children’s hospital-Tenri
Mbeere South – Imara-Medi plus Hospital
Runyejes – Kiritiri
Runyejes – Gategi
Runyejes – Kiambere H/C
Runyejes – Runyejes subcounty Hospital
Runyejes – Kianjokoma Health center
Runyejes – Karurumo Health Center
Runyejes – Kyeni- Consolata Hospital
Runyejes – Kigumo H/C


Ifo Refugee Camp – Ifo Hospital
Balambala Sub-County Hospital
Dadaab Sub-County Hospital
Camp Dagahley Hospital
Bura sub county Hospital
Garissa County Referral Hospital
Hagadera Hospital
Hulugo Sub-County Hospital
Ijara sub-county Hospital
Modogashe sub county Hospital


Homa Bay County Teaching & Referral Hospital
Marindi Sub County Hospital
Ndhiwa Sub County Hospital
Kabondo Sub County Hospital
Kendu Sub County Hospital
Kendu Adventist Hospital
Kandiege L 4 Hospital
Rachuonyo Sub County Hospital
Rangwe Sub County Hospital
Mbita Sub County Hospital
Ogongo L 4 Hospital
Suba Sub County Hospital
Magunga L 4 Hospital
Nyandiwa L.4 Hospital


Isiolo county Referral hospital


Ilbisil Health Centre
Namanga Health Centre
Kajiado County Referral Hospital
Kitengela Sub-County Hospital
Mashuru Health Centre
Ngong Sub-County Hospital
Ongata Rongai Sub-County Hospital
Oloitokitok Sub-County Hospital
Magadi Hospital
Oltepesi Dispensary


Butere County Hospital
Manyala Sub County Hospital
Imanga Health Centre
Shiraha Health Centre
Lukohe Health Centre
Eshibimbi Health Centre
Eshimukoko Health Centre
Iranda Health Centre
Shikunga Health Centre
Mabole Health Centre
Iguhu County Hospital
Kilingili Health Centre
Shibwe Su County Hospital
Savane Dispensary
Khwisero Model Health Centre
Mulwanda Health Centre
Mundoli Health Centre
Emutsesa Health Centre
Ekambuli Health Centre
Namasoli Health Centre
Likuyani Sub County Hospital


Kongoni Health Centre
Matunda Sub County Hospital
Mabusi Health Centre
Lumakanda County Hospital
Mautuma Sub County Hospital
Chekalini Centre
Koromaiti Health Centre
Maturu Dispensary
Matete Health Centre
Lurambi County General Hospital
GK Prisons (Satelite of CGH)
Elwesero Model Health Centre
Bukura RHDC
Malava County Hospital
Kuvasali Health Centre
Shamberere Health Centre
Shivanga Health Centre
Chombeli Health Centre
Matungu Sub County Hospital
Khalaba Health Centre
Lung’anyiro Health Centre
Mirere Health Centre
Indangalasia Dispensary
Shianda Health Centre
Lusheya Health Centre
Khaunga Dispensary
Makunga RHDC
Mumias Level 4 Hospital
Bukaya Health Centre
Bungasi Health Centre
Navakholo Sub County Hospital
Bushiri Health Centre
Sivilie Health Centre
Kharanda Health Centre
Model Health Centre
Shamakhubu Health Centre
Ileho Health Centre
Ikuywa Dispensary
Kambiri Health Centre
Mugomari Dispensary


GK Prisons Dispensary Kericho
Kenegut Dispensary
Ainamoi Health Centre
Manyoror Dispensary
Kabianga Health Centre
Kapsoit Dispensary
Seretut Dispensary
Kipwastuiyo Health Centre
Cheborgei Health Centre
Momoniat Health Centre
Kamwingi Dispensary
Kedowa Dispensary
Kunyak Dispensary
Mtaragon Health Centre
Makyolok Dispensary
Kipsitet Dispensary
Kaitui Dispensary
Kiptere Dispensary
Kabutii Matiret


Igegania Sub-District Hospital
Gatundu District Hospital
St. Jude hospital
Karatu L4 Hosp
Holy family catholic hospital githunguri
Githunguri Health centre
Kigumo Sub County Hospital
Kalimoni Mission Hospital (Juja)
Jkuat Hospital
Gachororo Health centre
LIFE-POINT hospital
Uthiru Dispensary
Wangige Sub-County Hospital
Nyathuna Level 4 Hospital
Kihara Sub County Hospital
Karuri L4 Hospital
Kiambu level 5 hospital
ACK Emmanuel Mission Hospital
Kikuyu (PCEA) Hospital
Gichuru H centre
Lusigett L4 hosp
Kijabe (AIC) Hospital
Lari Hospital
Kagaa H Centre
Nazareth Hospital
Tigoni L 4 hospital
Langata H Centre
Ruiru GK prison
Ruiru L4 hosp.
Kiandutu H Centre
Thika level 5 hospital


Kilifi County Hospital
Malindi Sub-county hospital
Mariakani sub county hospital
Bamba Sub county hospital
Vipingo Health Centre
Gongoni Health Centre
Rabai Health Centre


Thiba health centre
Kerugoya medical centre
Kerugoya county hospital
ACK. Mt. Kenya hospital
Kianyaga sub county hospital,.
Kimbimbi sub county hospital
Mwea medical hospital,
Sagana sub county hospital,
Mwea mission hospital
Misesi Sub county
Marble Hospital
Getembe Kenyara Hospital
Mediforte Hospital Ltd
South Care and Cure Hosp
The Nairobi Family Hospital
Oasis Specialist Hospital
South Ram hospital
Getembe Hospital
Bosono Hospital


Hema Hospital
Masimba Sub county Hospital
Migosi Sub County Hospital
Kisumu County Referral Hospital
Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral
Lumumba Health Centre
Avenue Hospital Kisumu
Aga Khan Hospital (Kisumu)
Nightingale Milimani Hospital
Gita Sub-county Hospital
St. Elizabeth chiga
St monica hospital
Nyahera Sub-County Hospital
Chulaimbo County Hospital
Ober Kamoth Sub county Hospital
West Maseno Mission
St. Jairus
Muhoroni County Hospital
Nyang’oma Sub County Hospital
Masogo Sub County Hospital
Koru Mission
St. vincent depaul
Nyakach County Hospital
Katito Sub County Hospital
Sondu Sub County Hospital
Nyamarimba Sub County Hospital
Nyabondo Mission
Ahero County Hospital
Nyangande Sub-County Hospital
Rabuor Sub-county Hospital
Awasi Mission Hospital
Kombewa County Hospital
Miranga Sub District Hospital
Manyuanda Health Centre


Katulani Sub County Hospital (Kitui)
Kitui County Referral Hospital
Jordan Hospital
Neema Hospital
Zombe Sub County Hospital
Mutitu Sub County Hospital
Kanyangi Sub County Hospital
Mutomo Sub County Hospital
Our Lady of Lourdes Mutomo Hospital
Ikanga Sub County Hospital
Ikutha Sub County Hospital
Muthale Mission Hospital
Kauwi Sub County Hospital
Mwingi Sub County Hospital
Nuu Sub County Hospital
Kyuso Sub County Hospital
Tseikuru Sub County Hospital
Migwani Sub County Hospital


Kinago Hospital
Samburu Hospital
Lungalunga Hospital
Kwale Hospital
Msambweni County referral hospital
Kinondo hospital
Diani Beach hospital


Nanyuki Hospital (Registered)
Lamuria SC Hospital
Kalalu Dispensary
Wiyumiririe Dispensary
Cottage Hospital
Doldol SC Hospital
Kimanjo Dispensary
Nyahururu Hospital
Rumuruti SC Hospital
Ndindika SC Hospital
Olmoran HC
Ng’arua HC
Salama HC
St. Benedict Hospital
West Sipili HC


Faza Hospital
Mpeketoni Hospital
Lamu Hospital
Mokowe Health Centre
Hindi Magogoni Dispensary
Witu Health Centre


Kathiani L4 Hospital
Kaviani Health Centre
Ithaeni Dispensary
Mutitu dispensary
Mitaboni Health Centre
Kalama L4 Hospital
Muumandu Health Centre
Kola Health Centre
Kangundo L4 Hospital
Kakuyuni Health Centre
Kivaani Health Centre
Ndunduni Dispensary
Mukunike Community Hospital
Machakos L5 Hospital
Mutituni L4 Hospital
Bishop Kioko Catholic Hosp.
Ikulu Dispensary
Mua Dispensary
Machakos Approved Dispensary
Masinga L4 Hospital
Ndithini L4 Hospital
Mananja Health Centre
Kithyoko Health Centre
Kangonde Health Centre
Ekalakala Health Centre
Kathukini Dispensary
Kimiti L4 Hospital
Sengani Community Hospital
Matungulu Health Centre
Nguluni Health Centre
Kyeleni Health Centre
Donyo Sabuk Dispensary
Mavoko L4 Hospital
Kinanie Health Centre
Mlolongo Health Centre
Kyumbi Health Centre
Katani Dispensary
Mwala L4 Hospital
Masii Health Centre
Katulani Health Centre
Wamunyu Health Centre
Mbiuni Health Centre
Muthetheni Health Centre
Matuu L4 Hospital
Katangi Health Center
Kisikii Dispensary
Ikombe Dispensary
Kithimani Dispensary


Mukuyuni Subcounty Hospital (Level IV)
Kilungu Subcounty Hospital (IV)
Kikoko Mission Hospital (IV)
Kibwezi Subcounty Hospital (IV)
Kambu Subcounty Hospital (IV)
Mtito Andei Subcounty Hospital (IV)
Makindu Subcounty Hospital (Level IV)
Kilome Nursing Home (IV)
Mulatya Memorial Hospital (IV)
Sultan Hamud Subcounty Hospital (Level IV)
Mutyambua Subcounty Hospital (Level IV)
Matiliku Subcounty Hospital (Level IV)
Makueni County Referral Hospital (Level V)
Ralpha Hospital (IV)
Royal Star Hospital (IV)
Tawa Subcounty Hospital (Level IV)
Mbooni Subcounty Hospital (Level IV)
Kisau Subcounty Hospital (Level IV)


Banisa sub county hospital
Kutulo sub county hospital
Lafey sub county hospital
Mandera county referral Hospital
East sub county hospital
Mandera North sub county hospital
Mandera South sub county hospital
Mandera West sub county hospital


Laisamis subcounty referral hospital
Laisamis mission hospital
Moyale subcounty referral hospital
Moyale mission hospital
Kalacha subcounty hospital
Marsabit county referral hospital
Saku ISMC hospital


Timau SC Hospital
St.Theresa Miss. Hosp, Kiirua
Kangeta SC Hospital
Mutuati SC Hospital
Nyambene SC Hospital
Maua Methodist Hospital
Kanyakine SC Hospital
Consolata Miss. Hospital
Mikumbune SC Hospita
Kinoro SC Hospital
St. Ann Miss. Hospital
Githongo SC Hospital
Cottolengo Miss. Hospital
Meru County Hospital
Giaki SC Hospital
Muthara SC Hospital
St. John of God Miss. Hospital
Mikinduri SC Hospital
Miathene SC Hospital
Mbeu SC Hospital


Awendo Sub-County Hospital
Rapcom Hospital
Ulanda mission hospital
Kegonga Sub-County Hospital
Ntimaru Sub-County Hospital
Isebania Sub-County Hospital
Kehancha Sub-County Hospital
Samjomen Hospital
Macalder Sub-County Hospital
Karungu Sub-County Hospital
Muhuru Sub-County Hospital
St. Camillus Sori
Sori Lakeside Hospital
Rongo Sub-County Hospital
Royal Hospital
Lwala Community Hospital
Migori County Referral Hospital
St. Joseph’s Mission
Ogwedhi Health Centre
Nyarongi Dispensary
Nyamaraga Sub-County Hospital
Akidiva Memorial Hospital
Pastor Machaje Hospital
Uriri Sub-County Hospital
Oyani Sub-County Hospital
Othoro Sub-County Hospital


Portreitz Sub County Hospital
Jocham Hospital
Shimo La Tewa Main Health Centre
Likoni Sub County Hospital
Coast General Teaching and Referal Hospiital
Tudor Sub County Hospital
Aga Hkan Hospital Mombasa
Pandya Memorial Hospital
Mombasa Hospital
Kaderbuoy Dispensary
KPA Clinic
Premiere Hospital


Kirwara Sub County Hospital
Ithanga Health Centre
Kandara Sub County Hospital
Githumu Hospital
Gaichanjiru Hospital
Kangema Sub County Hospital
Kigumo Sub County Hospital
Murang’a County Referral Hospital
Muriranjas Sub County Hospital
Family Heritage Hospital
Kiria-ini Mission Hospital
Nyakianga Health Centre
Maragua Sub County Hospital
South Kenol Hospital


Kenyatta National Hospital
North Nairobi Hospital
Nairobi Women Hurlingham
University of Nairobi
Riruta H/C
Coptic Hospital
Waithaka H/C
Mutuini Sub-District Hospital
Kayole 2 H/C
JKIA Port Health
Komarock Modern
Umoja H/C
Embakasi H/C
Dandora 1 HC
South Mukuru H/C
Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital
Eastleigh Hospital
Shauri Moyo H/C
Joy Nursing Home
Pumwani Hospital
Kasarani H/C
Ruai Family Hospital
St. Francis Hospital
Kibera DO H/C
Kibera AMREF
Mbagathi Hospital
Lang’ata H/C
Nairobi South Hospital
Nairobi West Hospital
Karen Hospital
St. Mary Mission Hospital
Makadara H/C
Lunga Lunga H/C
Makadara Metropolitan
Jamaa Hospital
Huruma Lions H/C
NCCK Jumuia
Kahawa H/C
Mathare North H/C
Baba Dogo H/C
KU Referral Hospital
Uhai Neema Hospital
Remand Health Centre
Ngara H/C
Guru Nanak
Mathare Teaching and referral Hospital
Mater Hospital
Westlands H/C
Mediheal Hospial
Agakhan Hospital
MP Shah Hospital
Avenue Hospital
Gertrudes Hospital
Kangemi H/C


St. Joseph RiftValley Hospital
NYS Gilgil
Gilgil Sub County Hospital
Anti Stock Theft Unit
Kuresoi H/C
North ST .joseph hosp,Molo
North Total Disp
Olenguruone Sub-District Hospital
Keringet Sub County Hospital
South Kiptagich h/c
Elburgon Sub-District Hospital
Marishoni H/C
Molo District Hospital
Naivasha District Hospital
Prisons annex
NYS Naivasha
The Karen Hospital Limited(Naivasha)
Naivasha Polyclinic Hospital
East Mirugi Kariuki Sub County Hospital
Bondeni CLINIC
Langa Langa Hospital
Nakuru Nursing Home
Nairobi Women hospital – Nakuru CBD
Optimum Current Health Care Hospital
Mercy Mission Hospital – Annex Nakuru
Mediheal Hospital Nakuru
Valley Hospital
St. Elizabeth
Baraka Maternity Home
Nakuru specialist hosp
Bahati District Hospital
KMTC Nakuru
Sunrise Evans Hospital
Nakuru War Memorial Hospital
Nakuru Provincial General Hospital
Annex Hospital (Nakuru)
Njoro sub-county Hospital
Egerton University
Newpoint health services
Mau Narok
Rongai H/C
Soin sub county hospital
Kabazi Sub County Hospital
Upper Solai
Subukia Sub County Hospital


Kaptumo Sub County Hospital
Mosoriot Sub county Hospital
Kapsabet County Referral Hospita;
Kabiyet Sub county Hospital
Chepterwai Subcounty Hospital
Nandi Hills Hospital
Meteitei Hospital


Narok County Referral Hospital
Trans Mara West Sub County Hospital


Kijauri Sub County Hospital
Nyansiongo Nursing Home
Amatierio Health Centre
St. Joseph Nyansiongo Health Centre
Kineni Dispensary
Manga District Hospital
Holsoms Nursing Home
Nyangena Sub District Hospital (Manga)
Getare Health Centre
Esani Sub-District Hospital
Gesima Sub-County Hospital
Masaba District Hospital
Magombo Health Centre
Nyamira County Refferal Hospital
Oasis Maternity and Nursing Home
Kinara Hospital
Ting’a Health Centre
Nyamaiya Health Centre
Nyamusi Sub-District Hospital
Ekerenyo Sub-District Hospital
Magwagwa Health Centre


JM Kariuki County Referral Hospital
Engineer County Hospital
The Pine Hospital
Bamboo Health Centre
Murungaru Health Centre
Old Mawingu Health Centre
Karangatha Health Centre
Kahembe Health Centre
Kiambogo Dispensary
Kaptain Dispensary
Nandarasi Dispensary
Olbolosat Dispensary
Mikaro Dispensary
Njabini Health Centre
Manunga Health Centre
Silibwet Health Centre
Wanjohi Health Centre
Kaimbaga Health Centre
Kianjogu Dispensary
Kamiruri Dispensary
Ngano Health Centre
Ndaragwa Health Centre
Shamata Health Centre
Chamuka Dispensary
Heni Health Centre
Subuku Health centre
Gatimu Health centre
New Mawingu Health Centre
Kiriogo Dispensary
Kirima Dispensary
Ndivai Dispensary
Rwanyambo Dispensary
Mbuyu Dispensary
Baari Health Centre
LeshauPondo Health centre
Turasha Dispensary
Ngorika Health Centre
Kasuku Health Centre
Haraka Dispensary
North Kinangop Catholic Hospital
Geta Bush Health Centre
MirangineHealth Centre
Weru Health Centre
Ndemi Health Centre
Ndunyu njeru Dispensary


Narumoru health centre
Island Farm HC
Warazo HC
Karemeno HC
Mweiga health centre
Bellevue Health Centre
Endarasha HC
Karatina hosp
Karindundu Dispessry
PCEA Tumutumu hosp
Ngorano Health Centre
Kaiyaba Dispensary
Mukurweini hosp
Mweru Health Centre
Thangathi HC
Consolata Mathari hosp
Outspan Hospital
Mt. Kenya hosp
Kiganjo Health centre
Nyeri Town Health Centre
Othaya level 6 hosp
Othaya level IV hosp
Gichiche HC
Wamagana Health Centre
Ihururu HC
Gichira HC


Samburu county referral hospital
Wamba Health Center
Archers Post Sub county Hospital
Baragoi Sub county hospital


Rwambwa Sub County Hospital
Got Agulu Sub County Hospital
Sagam Hospital
Madiany Sub County Hospital
Ambira- Sub County Hospital
Siaya County Referral Hospital
Bondo Sub County Hospital
Uyawi Sub County Hospital
Yala Sub County Hospital
Inuka hospital
Lwak Mission H/C
Ukwala Sub County Hospital
Sigomere Sub County Hospital


Mwatate Sub County Hoapital
Wundanyi Health Centre
Wesu Sub County Hospital
Taveta Taveta Sub County Hospital
Moi County Refferral Hospotal
Hola county Referral Hospital
Ngao sub county hospital


Bura Sub County hospital
Chuka county referral hospital
Komarock Morden Hospital
Kajuki Hospital
Muthambi Health Centre
PCEA Chogoria hospital
Magutuni Hospital
Gatunga Model Health centre
Marimanti Hospital
Kibung’a Hospital
St. Orsola Hospital


Kapsara sub-county hospital
Cherangany Subcounty hospital
Kaplamai health center
Endebbess subcounty hospital
Matunda subcounty hospital
Kitale County referral hospital
Kwanza subcounty hospital
Kapsitwet Health Centre
Kapkoi Health Centre
Saboti subcounty hosp
GK farm prison health center
Bondeni health center
Lukhome health center
Tom mboya health center


Kibish Kaikor Sub County Hospital
Loima Lorugum Sub County Hospital
Lodwar County Referral Hospital
Kanamkemer Sub County Hospital
Lokori Sub County Hospital
Elelea Sub County Hospital
Kapedo Sub County Hospital
Lokitaung Sub County Hospital
Katilu Sub County Hospital
Ammusait General Hospital
Kakuma Mission Hospital
Kakuma Sub County Hospital
Lopiding Sub County Hospital
Lokichar Sub County Hospital


Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital
Eldoret Hospital
Mediheal Hospital
Kapsoya Health Centre
Burnt Forest Sub-County Hospital
Kapteldon Sub-County Hospital
Kaplelach Chepyakwai Hospital
Chepkigen Dispensary
Kesses Sub-County Hospital
Moiben Sub-County Hospital
Kimumu Dispensary
Uasin Gishu District Hospital
Moi’s Bridge Health Centre
Ziwa Sub-County Hospital
Huruma Sub-County Hospital
Turbo Sub-County Hospital


Emusire Health Centre
Ebusiratsi Health Centre
Hamisi Sub-County Hospital
Jumuiya Hospital Kaimosi
Serem Health Centre
Shiru Health Centre
Emuhaya Sub-County Hospital
Coptic Nursing Home Maseno
Luanda township
Ekwanda Health Centre
Sabatia health Centre
Itando Nursing Home
Vihiga County Referral Hospital


Eldas Sub county hospital
Tarbaj sub county hospital
Wajir referral hospital
Wajir North sub county hospital
Wajir South sub county hospital
Wajir west sub county hospital


Sigor sub county hospital
Kacheliba subcounty hospital
Alale Health Centre
South Kapenguria county referral hospital
Chepareria sub county hospital
Ortum mission hospital
Kabichbich Health Centre