Huawei has launched the HMS Core 6.0 to app developers in Africa, introducing multiple new open capabilities and updating some existing services and features. Currently, the HMS Core (APK) on all user devices has been updated to the 6.0 version.

For media apps, Huawei provides AV Pipeline Kit with pre-set pipelines for video super-resolution, sound event detection, and other media services. This will address audio/video app developers’ pain points such as difficulties with capability building and high power consumption.

In the graphics field, 3D Modelling Kit offers AI-based capabilities such as 3D object reconstruction and material generation for e-commerce and animation apps. This makes it possible to generate 3D models even with mobile phones as long as there is an RGB camera installed, bringing more fun to user interactions. This service is currently available to all Android device models.

In addition, Computer Graphics Kit debuts the “volumetric fog” feature powered by the volume rendering technique for dynamic lighting and shadowing fog effects on mobile devices. This will make indoor scenes more realistic for next-generation mobile games, especially for Cyberpunk-style mobile games. This feature is also available to all Android devices supporting Vulkan.

HMS Core empowers users to develop Web apps, Quick Apps, and apps in Android and HarmonyOS running on phones, tablets, smart displays, wearables, and head units, using development frameworks such as React Native and Cordova.

HMS Core 6.0 also provides other services such as Membership Kit, Video Editor Kit, and Audio Editor Kit. Consumers can access Huawei Developers on the website to get the new services and features.