Kenya’s Cabinet Secretary for Transport, Infrastructure and Housing, James Macharia is set to officially hand over the leadership mantle of Shelter Afrique AGM Bureau to his Cameroon counterpart, Hon. Celestine Ketcha Courtes. The handover event will take place at the Company’s 40th AGM and annual housing symposium scheduled to take place between 20th – 26th June 2021 in Yaoundé, Cameroon.

Hon. Courtes was elected the 1st Vice-Chairperson of the AGM Bureau at the Company’s 39th AGM held in Nairobi. She will be deputized by Zimbabwe’s Minister of National Housing and Social Amenities Hon. Daniel Garwe.

Chairing the AGM meeting held virtually from the Shelter Afrique Headquarters in Nairobi, Hon. Macharia briefed the Ministers of Cameroon and Zimbabwe on the performance of the Company during his tenure. He thanked the shareholders, his fellow Ministers present from Cameroon and Zimbabwe, the Shelter Afrique Board Chairman, Dr. Steve Mainda EBS and CEO Mr. Andrew Pandeka Chimphondah for their unrelenting support during his tenure.

“When I assumed the Chairmanship of Shelter Afrique AGM Bureau at the Company’s 38th AGM in Morocco, no one had foreseen a pandemic of COVID-19 magnitude. Despite all the challenges we were able to adapt fast to the new realities. I am happy to announce that the Company’s performance surpassed our expectations. Shareholder contributions to Shelter Afrique doubled in support of the revived well governed institution,” Hon. Macharia said.

Commenting on her new role, Hon. Courtès thanked Hon. Macharia for his leadership of the AGM Bureau. She further assured him that the plans to host the best ever 40th AGM and 40th Anniversary for Shelter Afrique were at an advanced stage of preparations for the AGM in Yaunde later in June.

“We are looking forward to hosting the Finance Ministers and Housing Ministers that will be present from the 44 member countries, Africa Development Bank, Africa-Re, global lenders from EIB, AFD, BOAD, KfW, NCBA, Ghana International Bank and other key stakeholders in the housing and financial sectors as we seek to collectively find pragmatic solutions to the housing crisis in Africa, more so during this post-COVID-19 era. As a country, we are committed to host,” Mrs. Courtes said.

Appreciating Mr. Macharia for his great leadership and welcoming Mrs. Courtes as new Chairperson and Honorable Garwe as new Vice-Chairman, Shelter Afrique CEO Andrew Chimphondah stated, “In most cultures, 40 is a significant milestones, milestones offer us an opportunity to congratulate ourselves and enjoy our accomplishments. More importantly, they are a moment for us to reflect and consider what happens next. That is why the theme for this year’s AGM is Four Decades of Affordable Housing Policies in Africa: Mapping the Next Forty Years. Our 40th year will be one of retrospection.”

Noting the limitations presented by COVID-19 pandemic on travel and gatherings, Mr. Macharia said this year’s AGM will be presented as a hybrid of in-person and virtual attendance. Shelter Afrique successfully held its first virtual AGM in 2020 in Nairobi, Kenya.