Joe Khamisi’s The Fall of a Dynasty is a book that sheds light on the political scene in the fictional Kingdom of Zenga, on the continent of Buloya.

The book tells the story of a generation of rulers of Zenga Kingdom, an absolute monarchy. Since its founding monarch, King Odia 1 was left in power by imperialists, the Kingdom’s leadership has been marred with heavy corruption and ruthless dictatorship. As the apex position is handed down to sons over time, the have-nots in the Kingdom only continue to suffer and pay hefty taxes to the rulers.

The book discusses diverse topics alongside reprints of mass injustices, corruption, dictatorship, contempt of the rule of law and overall struggle for liberation for the people of Zenga. A unique friendship between General Alifonso and Field Marshall Otush is budded by a common interest to end the oppressing leadership of the King. This collaboration leads to the formation of Ukombozi troop, a secret rebellion group to remove the King from power.

Ukombozi’s fights against the King might seem like violent episodes, but viewed in the context of their times, the deadly battles are revealed to be a necessity in the war to democracy and freedom.

I particularly enjoyed the book because of its wise and irrevocable facts that are very relatable in the current political environment in modern day Kenya. The Author cleverly expands and encompasses the complex dynamics of politics and power play. In some chapters, the book argues on the role of the public and that of the leaders. It includes strips that, even today, are applicable and resemble some of the character traits highlighted in the book.

The Fall of a Dynasty is a book that will highlight the vices in our governments, the complexities of politics and most importantly, the importance of a nation determined to rise above the pits and choose good leaders. This book is perfect for anyone looking into the intricacies of politics and power. Through the book I was able to see how different ideologies and policies could speak long-term doom upon countries and economies.

I would highly recommend it to everyone with an interest in the well-being of their country and leadership. A must-read for every voter.

Joe Khamisi is a Kenyan author with his main interest in non-fiction writing. He graduated from the University of Maryland at College Park in 1988 with a BSc. degree in Journalism and Government and has worked with several Kenyan and Tanzanian publications as a reporter and editor.

His first book was The Politics of Betrayal: Diary of a Kenyan Legislator. His second book, published in 2014, is his autobiography, Dash Before Dusk: A Slave Descendant’s Journey in Freedom. Khamisi later released The Wretched Africans, a narrative on the slave trade in Eastern and Central Africa, which pays tribute to the thousands of Africans who perished in the 19th century slavery in April 2016.

All his books are available on Nuria Books at Ksh. 999 and on Amazon in hardcopy and as a Kindle softcopy version.