Looking for something fun to do in Nairobi during the lockdown? Aren’t we all. With entertainment joints all closed, most Nairobians seem to be running out of things to do to break the monotony of life under lockdown. We have to come up with some ideas that will make you forget we’re on lockdown.

1. Shop at an open market

Thrift shopping is a great way to find unique items without breaking the bank. Luckily, there’s no shortage of thrift shops and open markets that sell secondhand things in Nairobi.  If you don’t mind getting down and dirty, you can go to Gikomba or Muthurwa market. Kamukunji market is also a great place to shop for household items. However, for the “boujee”, Toi market is the place to go. It’s less chaotic but slightly more expensive than the rest.

2. Have a photoshoot in the CBD

If you’re bored of being indoors all day, take a quick trip to the CBD and capture some stunning shots. The CBD has some pretty interesting architecture that provide a beautiful backdrop for your photos. They are also great to capture some landscape and architectural photographs. Some of the best locations to take photos in the CBD include I&M Building, Nation Center, KICC, and Hilton Hotel.

3. Hike Ngong Hills with friends

Hiking is not only fun but also it’s a great form of exercise. For Nairobi residents who love outdoor activities, you can visit the Ngong Hills located a few kilometers from the CBD for an adventurous hiking experience. Just grab a few friends, some cash (for the entrance fees), snacks and drinks and make your way to this location. The views atop the Ngong Hills are worth breaking a sweat for.

4. Visit an art gallery

Nairobi has a vibrant art scene that remains rather underappreciated. From Shifteye Studios to GoDown Arts Center, these studios house some of the best art the continent has to offer. You can spend a whole day admiring them and won’t notice the time flying by. There’s also something for everyone whether you like contemporary, abstract or pop art.

5. Have a picnic the Lang’ata Botanical Gardens

We’re all craving to be outdoors but with all eateries closed for walk-in orders, there aren’t many entertainment options left. However, you can still have a picnic. Langata Botanical Gardens is still open for picnics. The lush gardens are the perfect relaxation spot for the whole family. Additionally, you can set up in the bandas if you prefer a shaded area.

6. Visit The Nairobi War Cemetery

The Nairobi War Cemetery is a must-visit for Nairobi residents. This historical landmark attracts visitors from all over the world. It was opened in the 40’s to bury World War II soldiers who were unidentified. It’s part of numerous Commonwealth war graves all around the world. The cemetery has been kept in great conditions with unique tombstones and monuments honouring the people buried there.

7. Ride The Ferris Wheel at Two Rivers

The Ferris wheel at Two Rivers Mall means more to Nairobi than just another entertainment spot. First, it’s the largest Ferris wheel in Africa. It lights up at night giving it an even more stunning look that you can’t miss if you’re around the area. It’s also one of the best (and cheapest) ways to enjoy the view of the city from the top.

8. Go horse riding at Achi’s Ranch

There’s no better way to enjoy an adventure through the forest than doing it on a horse. It’s surprisingly relaxing and you get to appreciate nature from a different view. You can enjoy this fun activity at Achi’s Ranch located in Karen. They offer horse riding excursions through Ngong Forest guided by well-trained professionals.

9. Relax at Uhuru Gardens

At a small fee, you can spend a whole day at these lush gardens. It attracts fitness enthusiasts, skaters, couples and groups of friends who want a large space for different leisure activities. Apart from that, there are beautiful monuments where you can take pictures.

10. Watch the sunset at KICC

Finally, you can end your day at the KICC rooftop. For the longest time, it was the tallest building in the country where people would enjoy panoramic views of the city. It’s still a great location to watch the city and enjoy a stunning sunset.