Everybody loves a good family vacation. As our world starts to recover from the difficulty posed by the Corona Virus crisis, people are wanting now more than ever to get back out there and explore the world with their favorite people. Because of this fact alone, families everywhere are looking for new and exciting ideas as well as older more classic ideas for fun filled vacations. Here are the top ten ideas for either places to go, things to do or just plain old vacation ideas for you to take your family on!

1. Take a Cruise

Anyone who has been on a cruise knows just how unique of an experience it truly is. Imagine this: you and your family board a cruise together, you stay in rooms that look and feel like a luxury hotel, you get to see beautiful sights along the way and visit exciting places off the boat and you still get to relax on the sun deck with a cold drink in hand. Your kids can play in the pool or at a similar child friendly attraction, but the entire time, your hotel is moving from beautiful port city to beautiful port city. If you pick any cruises 2022 destination, you and your family are bound to make some awesome and special memories, all while travelling in the ocean!

2. Go Backpacking

This item is not for the faint of heart. Prior to taking on this kind of vacation, you may want to make sure that your family loves sleeping in tents and carrying heavy loads so that they can get exquisite views of practically untouched nature. This sort of trip is also fairly technically advanced, so some prior knowledge is required to stay safe. However, if your family checks all of these boxes, then this might be the sort of challenge for you guys. Pick a local trail that you can spend a few days hiking down, or plan to drive a few hours to a different area. No matter where you choose to lug your food, gear and pack to, you are guaranteed an immersive and character building experience.

3. Visit a Historic City

Historic cities may seem cheesy to some, but they are the perfect kind of educational cheesy fun that attracts families from everywhere. One example of this includes Colonial Williamsburg. There are countless attractions, dedicated actors and fun educational opportunities for you and your kids. You can visit one of the fun towns like this that is nearest to you, or you can get everybody together and make the trek to one further from home.

4. Take a Road Trip

This may not be a good idea for those with a very young child, but it is certainly not impossible! You and your family can get really cozy and comfortable with each other by renting an RV and driving it to some fun destination. Pick a historic landmark, interesting city or even a state park somewhere a few days drive from your home. Pack everyone into the RV, and hit the open road. You can plan out your route and figure out where you plan to park your rig each night, or you can just find out how to reach your destination and go! This is such a fun and wacky idea that will definitely spur conversations and jokes for many years to come. Besides, where else could you and your family be forced to grow in their relationships and bonds by being in close quarters for days on end?
While many childhood memories are difficult to recall, you certainly do not forget your family trips and vacations. These are extremely precious memories for you and your childhood family. Your children’s memories will not be any different, which is why you should go all in and try one, or more than one if that is possible, to create some amazing memories with the people who you care about most in the world: your family.