Farmer’s Choice has announced its intention to increase use of advanced technologies within its existing agriculture ecosystem. The technology will enhance productivity, ensure food safety and quality, and reduce waste.

“Customers are our priority, and we owe them quality excellence. We need to ensure we stay efficient in terms of pricing, wastage, and the use of products in the factory. Therefore, food traceability is especially important to us.” says Flora Kinuthia, CIO of Farmer’s Choice.

The coordination of all activities in Microsoft cloud solutions gives the company unmatched visibility over the entire life cycle of meat production, allowing it to respond to supply and demand changes proactively.

“Working with organizations within the sector, forming partnerships that will benefit individuals in the space and facilitate scaling has allowed for these numbers to become more of a likely reality. In Kenya, Microsoft has partnered with Farmer’s Choice to improve food quality and security,” says Judemark Bwire, Azure Specialist for East and Southern Africa at Microsoft.

According to Eric Muga, the Senior Database Administrator at Farmer’s Choice, the cloud-based solutions help to streamline the information flow between all departments, making vital data accessible to all users, starting from the initial data capture on the farms.

Accurate tracking and recordkeeping also benefits the company’s suppliers, who can keep pace with fluctuating inventory levels to match customer expectations.

From a financial perspective, the cloud-based infrastructure generates significant savings. “There have been some running costs in our IT department, like server maintenance or storage. These are now things of the past,” she observes.

Digitally transformation in the agricultural space will help the company to remain focused on sustainability and efficiency as its looks forward to the future.