Before you ever start to gamble, you should understand what the term “house edge” means as this is what the casinos rely on to make their money.  But not all games in a casino have the same odds and therefore it can be much more cost-effective to play some games over others, especially if you have a smaller bankroll. You can learn more here.

What is the House Edge?

Every game is a casino has a mathematically calculated advantage that the casino has over the player.  It is always displayed as a percentage so that it is easily comparable.  From this one percentage, you can take two pieces of information: the percentage of your money that the casino knows that they will take, and secondly, the percentage of money that you will lose during your time playing that specific game. The lower the percentage displayed the better, as you, the player, will be less at risk for losing money and the casino will be able to take less money from you over time.  But every game in a casino has a house edge but different games do vary quite substantially, especially when you are playing for longer periods of time and for larger quantities of cash.

Which Casino Games Have the Best Odds?

The casino games where you have the best chance of winning are those which require more skill or strategy in order to play them in the first place.  This is because the player can use tactics to reduce the house edge to one per cent or less and this is about as low as the house edge can get at all.  But no player can win every bet, so they have to find the games that they know most about, have the lowest house edge and are able to tactically reduce the house edge further due to them being skilled-based casino games.  So what are the best casino games to play if you want the best odds?  Pontoon, Blackjack and Baccarat are considered to be the three best casino games with the best odds as they can all have a very low house edge, sometimes even as low as 1.06%, combined with impressively high RTP scores.

Playing Pontoon

Not all English players have heard of the game Pontoon, but once they start to play it, they realise that there are many similarities between Pontoon and 21, because they are very closely linked.  The terminology used in the game is different, so the word “stick” means to stand, or “twist” means to hit, but the concept of the game is easily transferable because the objective is still to get 21, get as close as, or beat the dealer’s hand.  The game of Pontoon has a lower house edge than the UK’s Blackjack or 21 because it is more complicated to play and requires more skill.  The rules for Pontoon may also vary between casino establishments which can catch players out but once this has been sussed, Pontoon can be a great game to play if you are looking for a casino game with the best house edge.