For decades, slot machines have been based on luck. Unlike poker or blackjack, they don’t offer any control over the results. However, a new breed of skilled-based slots has begun to find its way in the casinos like play at These games offer players the chance to control the results to some extent. Casinos are not offering these machines willingly. However, with the new trend, they could find themselves obsolete if they don’t modify the slot games they offer.

What makes Skill-based Slots differ from Regular Slots?

Regular slots offer you complete randomness whereby you won’t have to overthink every decision when gambling. You only need to place your wager, spin the reels, and the RNG comes up with a combination and the results are displayed on the reels.

Skill-bases slots have something different from this traditional setup. They come with a bonus round that involves some high degree of skill.

What is the Progress of Skill-based Slots?

Skill-based gaming is still in its early stages, but so far the results have been marginal at best.  These slots have been in the market since 20015 but neither the old gamblers nor millennials are keen on playing them.

One problem is a lack of awareness. Not many players realize that there are a number of slots in the casinos that feature skill.

Another issue is that the developers have not yet found the right combination to attract more players.  Bonuses only account for about 3 to 5 percent of the total RTP. This is not large enough to control the millennials who are used to playing mobile games and skill-based video.

The developers also have not found the right type of bonuses. They are going with old arcade games at the moment, which we can say is a step in the right direction.

Top Skill-Based Slots

Even if skill-based slots are still in their baby stage, there are some that have made their way in the market. In this section, we will look at some of the top slots that require skills.

Seinfeld- Scientific Games

Seinfeld is a Scientific Games slot released in September 2016 based on the hit 1990’s sitcom. This is a TV-themed slot that features the actual footage from the hit show, as well as bonuses based on the four main characters. You can trigger the free spins and instant win bonuses based on the popular moments from the show.

The skill element comes into play during the Festivus Bonus. This is based on an infamous made-up alternative to Christmas that appeared in an episode of Seinfeld. The bonus round allows you to shake the Festivus pole for cash awards. The difference here is that players can use their skills to shake a virtual pole to win money.

Space Invaders- Scientific Games

Space Invaders is a slot based on a 1978 arcade machine that was later adapted to the Atari system. Players trigger the bonus with three or more scatter symbols. You can then select between free spins and a skill-based round. When you choose the skill-based round, you are directed to a second screen that is filled with alien invaders. You then get to control a small spacecraft at the bottom and shoot at the aliens. The base game works like a regular slot whereby you spin and wait for the result. However, the difference comes in the bonus round. Here, players boost their chances of winning by becoming more skilled.

Arkanoid- Next Gaming

The Arkanoid is based on an arcade game. The main objective is to move the bat from the bottom of the screen and deflect the ball against a wall of colored bricks. The more bricks you can destroy, the more the cash you win. If you manage to hit some special bricks, then you will earn a bonus round. The game has over the year been popular among desktop, arcade, and mobile players.  Becoming a skill-based game is somehow an anticipated move.

Wrecking Ball- IGT

Wrecking Balls slot features 4 different-sized reels and unique 830 ways to win.  The game plays like a standard RNG slot but comes with a Smash Bonus feature that allows the player control over the animated wrecking ball. The player uses a joystick to move the ball destroying the building to win cash.

Beat Square- Konami

Beat Square is played on a 4×4 grid with 16 buttons. Similar to an arcade game, the buttons light up in time with a beat. To win points and cash rewards, players must hit the buttons in sequence. The game comes with a unique soundtrack that plays whenever the game is played. The game also features a progressive jackpot that is linked across multiple casinos. The machines can also be linked to host Beat Square tournaments.

Safari Match-Synergy Blue

Safari Match was released in 2018 and runs on the Synergy’s HAWG platform. The game has an 8×8 grid and pays out when you match colored tiles. Players use a controller to move the symbols around rather than relying on RNG. In this regard, this game works as some of the popular apps like Bejeweled or Candy Crush. The game also has a bonus wheel that activates every time three or more tiles are matched. You can win up to 250x your total bet through the bonus prize wheel.


While skill-based slots require some level of skill, most of them revolve around pure luck just like the regular slots.   The only skill involved is in the bonus round. During this round, you will play mini-games whereby the payout is determined by your performance. If you are skilled enough, some of these slots can offer a solid RTP. For instance, you can push a game with 92% to 97% with a great performance. However, the profits are not guaranteed and you will still need some form of luck to win. Your skills on the bonus round only reduce the random chance. Overall, skill-based slots are a fun way to enjoy slots. If you have not tried playing them already you might want to try now. Our list of Slots that Require Skills would be a nice place to start.