Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL) has announced that it has changed the bottle design for its premium beer brand, WhiteCap Lager. WhiteCap Lager is one of the oldest beers in Kenya having been first produced over 70 years ago.

The new WhiteCap Lager bottle features a redesigned logo adapted from its original one. The new bottle is similar to the one used for Hophouse and Tusker Premium Lager. The logo is also similar to the old one and it features a snowy Mount Kenya peak as the old one.

With the launch of new bottle design, nothing much has changed. The beer is still the same and the beer will still come in a 500ml bottle and will also be available at a recommended retail price (RRP) at Ksh. 170. The beer will also not have any added sugar.

According to KBL, this repackaging will also serve as a welcome refresh to provide some excitement for longtime consumers of WhiteCap Lager as well as provide a unique opportunity for a new generation of beer drinkers.

Commenting on the new bottle, Alice Owambo, Emerging Beers Marketing Manager, said, “Design is absolutely integral for any brand and as a beer with 70 years of heritage, we do not take redesigns lightly. We are incredibly proud of the new direction the brand aesthetic is taking, highlighting our Kenyan heritage but also modernising WhiteCap to lead consumers’ expectations of a premium brand. We’re confident this refreshed design will stand out on shelves and highlight the qualities of WhiteCap, which make us one of Kenya’s favourite alcohol brands.”

Whitecap Lager is a brand by Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL), a subsidiary of East African Breweries Limited (EABL). It is named after the magnificent snow-capped Mount Kenya. The brand’s vision is to position White Cap as a Beer of true distinction for discerning consumers.