For the longest time, night shots have been the most problematic when taking pictures using a mobile phone. This is because the cameras on our phones generally don’t do so well in the low light conditions at night time. As a consequence, photos generally come out as grainy and not appealing to look at.

However, according to reports, this is about to become a thing of the past with the launch of the Tecno Camon 15 series. The Camon 15 will apparently come with new technology named TAIVOS™, short for TECNO AI Vision Optimization Solution. TAIVOS is a dedicated microprocessor that will work together with AI algorithms to enhance night-time photography processes. It will make images clearer, enhancing night shots, and lead to overall improvement through high-performance imaging algorithm capabilities.

TAIVOS will enable up to 15-frame synth, with an imaging time of just 4.68 seconds which is better than most smartphones that only achieve this in 5.5 seconds or even 7 seconds. Photos shot with TAIVOS will be built from a composite of 15 image frames that can be analyzed and recombined pixel-for-pixel, vividly capturing each element in your scenes with optimal contrast.

Apparently, the microprocessor is built to work at a system-level that enables next-generation imaging performance. Even in moderately dim rooms, having a camera that can filter out unwanted noise from your photos offers a serious performance edge. Regardless of the possible photographic spectrum you might find yourself snapping shots on, TAIVOS is designed to react quickly to your surroundings to help isolate and enhance the elements you want to capture, thanks to its ability to support algorithms for AI image enhancement.

The Tecno Camon 15 is set to be launched in the Kenyan market in early April but the good thing is that one can pre-order the phone in selected Tecno Mobile stores. To pre-order, one needs to pay a deposit of Ksh. 2,000 after which one will get a back pack. That is not all as when you complete the payment for the phone, you will get a Ksh. 1,000 shopping voucher from Tuskys within 12 hours after purchase. How cool is that??

The Tecno Camon series of phones have always had good cameras but this time around, the combination of the Sony chip and TAIVOS is set to be a game changer for the camera phone market.

You can pre-order the Tecno Camon 15 at these stores;

Chuka Generations Electronics Chuka
Eldoret Dhaval Emporium
Eldoret Eldoret Electronics
Eldoret Phone Art
Eldoret Kieoron Enterprises
Eldoret Bemotec Uganda Road
Eldoret Bemotec Sphinix
Eldoret Bemotec Sireti
Eldoret Anand Traders-Will’S Pub
Eldoret Khandala Anand Communications
Eldoret One To One Magical Mobile
Embu Generations Embu Sunrise Hotel
Embu Ideal Quality Kubukubu Road Embu
Embu Ideal Quality Embu Makuti Building
Kericho Vision Gate (Naivas)
Kericho Keromatt Ltd Ii
Kisii Fone Fun Kisii
Kisii Matrix Communications
Kisii Keromatt Kisii Sansora
Kisii One To One(Kisii)
Kisumu Tecno Exclusive Kenshop
Kisumu Macks Investment
Kisumu Galool Investiment
Kitengela Ropem Kitengela Eastmatt
Kitengela Telfone Kitengela
Kitui Generation Planet Electronic
Meru Quicom
Meru Tricom
Meru Mkenya Mobile
Meru Mkenya  Annex
Migori Bansi Mega Supermarket
Mombasa Biros Star Mobiles
Mwingi Generation Electronics B Mwingi
Nairobi Zetort I Centre
Nairobi Tru com Mama Ngina
Nairobi Info-Choice
Nairobi Zetort Hilton
Nairobi Texnet Communication
Nairobi Smart Plus R/Ngala
Nairobi California Smartphones Moi Avenue
Nairobi M-Store Sarova
Nairobi Vertex Communication
Nairobi Global Cell System
Nairobi Mobile World Mama Ngina St
Nairobi Tecno Exclusive Smarthub Ktda
Nairobi Kenwire Technology Ltd
Nairobi Safaritel Mama Ngina St.
Nairobi Smarthub
Nairobi Dalnurio Electronics
Nairobi Makarim Communications Hilton
Nairobi Smart Zone Moi Avenue
Nairobi Joe Tech Communication
Nairobi Ropem Kenya Cinema
Nairobi Ropem Moi Avenue
Nairobi Tecno Exclusive Trendz
Nairobi Tricom Technlogies Memorial Park
Nairobi Tricom Technlogies Agkhan Walk
Nairobi Tricom R/Ngala(New)
Nairobi Tricom Embassy
Nairobi Tricom Cianda
Nairobi Dixons Tom Mboya
Nairobi Dixon Kimanthi
Nairobi Dixon Kenyatta Avenue
Nairobi Scorpio Telecommunication R. N. G
Nairobi Scorpio Standard Street
Nairobi Dreamworld Tom Mboya
Nairobi Mobile Connect Moi Avenue
Nairobi Mobile Connect
Nairobi Fast Mobile Connections
Nairobi Anisuma Traders
Nairobi Target Luthuli Shop
Nairobi Trucom Luthuli
Nairobi Makarim Mountain Mall
Nairobi Real Team Luthuli
Nairobi Bravo Luthuli
Nairobi Airtel Garden City
Nairobi Scorpio
Nairobi Dream World Southfield
Nairobi Anisuma Trm
Naivasha Narasha
Nakuru 3C Hub Nakuru
Nakuru Target One Mobile
Nakuru Sparks
Nakuru Digitronics 2
Nakuru Adams Smartphones Centre
Nakuru Brighter Brands
Nakuru Al Haqq
Nanyuki Trendz Mobile
Narok Advacom Communications
Nyeri One To One Nyeri Samrat
Tala Generations G Electronics Tala
Thika Mersons Mega
Thika Mersons Communication
Thika Phone Mart Elecronics
Thika Orchards Communicatrions 1
Thika Orchards Communications
Thika Orchads Suitable
Wote Generation P Electronic
Wote Generation P Electronic