Liquid Telecom Kenya has announced that it now has a nationwide Internet of Things network covering 78% of the Kenyan population. The company apparently has 158 IoT base stations across the country which is an increase from 20 base stations that the company had in 2018.

The base stations are connected to Liquid Telecom’s fibre network and are aimed at delivering guaranteed reliability and speed across the country.

Speaking during the 5th Lake Region Economic Bloc (LREB) summit held in Siaya, Mr. William Oungo, Head of Government Business, Liquid Telecom, said that the delivery of the base stations was in line with the regional bloc’s resolution on improving ICT infrastructure to enhance service delivery within the LREB member counties.

“Liquid Telecom Kenya has so far connected 41 counties and we are trying to make sure that the right environment for innovation, fields such as data science, machine learning and gaming can also be carried out in the rural counties as well as their commercialization without necessarily having to associate the urban towns with such capabilities,” Mr. Oungo said.

Liquid Telecom is a communications services and solutions provider across 13 countries in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa that serves carrier, enterprise and retail customers with high-speed, reliable connectivity and digital services. The company has built an independent fibre network, spanning over 50,000km, and operates data centres in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Nairobi, with a combined 6,800 square metres of rack space. It also offers cloud-based services such as Microsoft Office365 and Microsoft Azure, and innovative digital content provision, including Netflix, NBA, TED and Kwese Play.