Paxful mobile wallet app to ease bitcoin transactions


Paxful, a global peer-to-peer bitcoin marketplace that recently scaled its operations to include Kenya and the broader East African region, has  launched a mobile wallet app which enables bitcoin transactions to be conducted with ease.

The mobile app, will allow users to conveniently send and receive bitcoin via their own private Paxful wallets. This effectively brings global commerce closer to users by empowering them to make and receive local and global payments from the comfort of the app. Through the app, users get updated bitcoin conversion rates, track their trading history, know the current status of their transactions in real-time, among other features. The app also enables users to purchase bitcoins using over 300 payment methods available in the Paxful platform.

Interest in bitcoin has steadily risen across the African continent and especially in Kenya which is ranked among the top 5 countries with the highest number of Paxful users. In September 2019, Paxful trade volumes in Kenya shillings (KES) topped out at 28 million KES in one week.

The Paxful Mobile Wallet App has been designed with lower-end devices in mind that do not compromise on security or features. The Paxful Mobile Wallet is available on both iOS and Android devices.

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