It’s normal to share a picture of a fire meal you have cooked on your Social Media accounts. For more than not however, some of the pictures some of the pictures are plagiarized just for the likes. It is the world we are living in now where people would do anything for the hits.

Kenyans make fun of Kobi Kihara’s plagiarism scandal with #KobiKiharaChallenge

This is exactly what media personality Kobi Kihara did when she posted a succulent salad on her Instagram account It did the numbers until a hawk eyed Kenyan reverse searched it and voila, it was a stolen picture. The picture, a rosemary chicken, bacon and avocado salad, was actually pilfered from

To make matters worse, she even shared the recipe!!

Anyway we hope that Kobi Kihara has learned from this experience and will stop stunting for the gram with plagiarized pictures. Hope she also knows that she can be sued for stealing someone else’s intellectual property and passing it of as theirs.


It turns out that she has plagiarized a lot more content. For shame.