It may come as a surprise that the beard has increasingly become a trend for the past five years globally. The trend has gone through a series of evolution during this period. There is a time that you would have adored a full beard, but then everything keeps changing: typical of trends. You are more likely to come across more now casual and trimmed beards.

A lot of factors have also contributed to the beard unexpectedly staying around for years, which is uncharacteristic of a trend. Social media has had its significant role in making sure it sticks around longer.

Let us talk about ‘Insta Beard Models.’ You can attest to the countless times you have come across a neatly cut and bearded guy with ripped jeans while scrolling through your feeds, not to mention the number of likes a particular beard-related post has effortlessly managed to gather.

We cannot deny that for a fact Instagram has played a part in the popularity of the beard. The second contributing factor is, well: women. It is beyond reasonable doubt that men will do anything to please their female counterparts. Studies at Northumbria University discovered that women find men with facial hair more attractive than those with a clean shave.

As the beard remains popular and more men devote time to growing and maintaining one, the need to avail beard- care products has also risen. Apart from enhancing your looks and being a fashion statement, a beard can reap a few other more benefits.

Research on beard health by the University of Southern Queensland suggest that beards can get in the way of 95% of the harmful UV rays hence protect you from skin cancer. Do you suffer from respiratory allergies? Well, your beard can block allergens such as pollen and dust by playing the role of a filter and also keep your skin moisturized.

I have not even mentioned the fact that growing a beard will save you from the agony of rashes, in-grown hair, spreading of bacteria due to cuts or worse still, infections. Just like the hair on your scalp, the beard does come with its share of discomforts. And yes, you will get a beard itch or dandruff once in a while. A beard growth oil is what you need to keep the trouble at bay when growing, maintaining and styling your beard.

What exactly is beard oil?

Beard oil is a cosmetic product whose function is to nutrify the skin that is under the beard and maintains your beard’s smooth soft and shiny luster. It is composed of carrier and essential oils that perform the same function as sebum. Most people may not be familiar with what carrier oils are. Well, not to worry: carrier oils are extracts from nuts and seeds, and their primary function is diluting essential oils to prevent irritation.

Besides that, different carrier oils boast unique medicinal properties. Some work best in moisturizing the skin and hair whereas others are best with healing properties. Essential oils are responsible for the clean and powerful scent and also have antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

While studies by The North American Essential Oil and AromaTherapy experts show that essential oils by themselves can cause burning, itching, and redness as they are concentrated oils, there has not been evidence that proves that carrier oils irritate the skin.

That said, we can now take a detailed look at the benefits of beard oil.

Patchy beards

We can both agree on this; a patchy beard is the last thing a man would want. While there are no studies that have proven that genetics make 100 percent contribution to patchy beards. Scientific studies that were done by Hamilton et al. in 1942 show that androgens, which are heritable, play a role in hair growth.

The other causative factors are acne, dandruff, dry skin or skin infections. Hair follicles do have trouble growing in a violated skin, hence patchy beard. Beard oil can keep the skin above which the beard grows nourished and free of dandruff, itchiness and infections, thanks to its medicinal and healing properties. Beard oil will for sure put the beard spot problem to rest.

Dry skin and itching

Ever had an infuriating itch? The kind that makes you want to pull your hair off? It is a month down the line: since you embarked on the beard growing journey and you are getting this constant itch that does not go away. I will give you a tip on what is conspiring beneath your beard. Hair follicles are embedded in the sebaceous glands, which secrete sebum. Sebum envelops the follicle, and when the beard grows, it becomes inadequate leaving the skin above dry and itchy. Good news is that with beard oil, you will have your skin moisturized and the itch calmed.


While no existing evidence of what exactly causes dandruff, numerous scientific reports by authors such as Kenji Manabe have proven that sebum quantity correlates with the formation of dandruff. If your scalp stays dry, there is a likelihood of it developing dandruff. Same goes for the skin on which your beard grows. Prevention is better than cure: don’t wait until your shirt get soiled with white flakes. Prevent dandruff by using quality beard oil that will keep your skin moisturized to prevent dandruff that results from dryness.


There is no better feeling than someone remarking how good you smell. If I may add my one cent or two on that point, nothing beats feeling fresh and knowing you have clean and great smelling beard. You will have your confidence all gassed up. The reason am advocating sourcing a refreshing scent from essential oils as opposed to colognes is that perfumes may be a little too harsh on your skin. It is better to invest in a beard oil that covers your beard nourishment needs and at the same time leave it smelling great.


Spots and pimples on the face which have a likelihood of extending to the neck are caused by an inflammatory skin condition known as acne. It comes by as a result of the hair follicles being clogged by oil from the skin and dead skin cells. There is no scientific backing to the belief that acne only affects teenagers. However, statistics done on the prevalence of acne for the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology have proven that one can develop new-onset acne or continue to be affected by acne even after teenage years. A study from University of Alabama further state that more than 40 percent of male adults suffer from acne. That is why you will need a good beard oil to combat the condition.

You must be thinking to yourself, wondering how beard oil is expected to mitigate a condition that has oil as its one of its contributing factors. In the real sense, beard oil will not clog your pores, neither will it alter the production of sebum. What it does is nourish the skin that is beneath your beard by moisturizing and sustaining it. Furthermore, the essential and carrier oils have healing properties that help out in clearing infections and controlling inflammation. More reason you should go for beard oil that has natural ingredients that will not set off acne or cause inflammation.


Chemical additives do not do any justice to your skin or hair. Unfortunately, most of the beard and hair styling products are composed of chemicals. You might be tempted to think that they are doing a good job to your beard just because you have managed to style it without devoting much effort. The truth of the matter is, such products will do you more harm than good.

Avoid smothering your face with toxins that will only disappoint you by causing itchiness and dryness and invest in a beard oil. It is a healthier way of keeping your beard moisturized, soft and manageable.

Sensitive skin

According done to research done by Misery L show that about 50 percent of the American population has sensitive skin. The statistics could also be used to express global statistics which may mean that your skin is likely to be sensitive. Do you get rash more than usual? If yes, then this means that you need to be extra keen with the products you pick for skin and beard care.

You can always kill two birds with one stone by using a natural beard oil for both nourishment and maintenance of your beard, without exposing your skin to harsh products.

Save time and money

While it may not apply to every man, according to a Herald publication in 1972 in a statement made by Dr. Herbert Mescon, “an average man will commit approximately 139 days to shave”. You can as well as save the time you allocate to the selection of blades and trimmers, which are also likely to be costly and instead turn to maintain your beard. Trust me when I say it will cost you less of your time and money. The trips to the store to select an arsenal of blades that will give you a neat look will no longer be necessary.

With quality beard oil, you will be able to accomplish a well- maintained and nourished beard for months!


There is no better way of boosting your confidence than looking and feeling great. We all know that confidence can move mountains and make it easier for you to harness opportunities that come your way. Proper grooming by applying a few drops of beard oil will have your beard looking neat and well taken care of, and last but not least smelling good. What more do you need to build up your confidence!

How do you use beard oil?

Now that you are equipped with knowledge on the benefits of owning a bottle of beard oil, it wouldn’t hurt having a point or two on the oil’s best practices.

  • Studies show that the best time to apply beard oil is right after you are from the shower. Why is this the most opportune time to reward your beard with a few drops of the carrier and essential oils? It is at this time that your skin pores are well opened and your beard cleanest. Remember to dry your beard using a towel before you apply oil. Do not make the application when it is too wet.
  • How much do you need to apply? This will depend on the length of your beard. For a new beard that is about a month old, 3-4 drops should be enough. 4-6 drops will be adequate for a beard that is past a month but not more than three months old. 6-10 drops are advisable for beards of up to 10 months old. Also, you can use above ten drops if your beard is over a year old. Note that you are not tied to the guide provided. You can always use an amount that you feel is adequate for your beard. Whatever you do, avoid overdoing it lest you will have to walk around with a stained shirt.
  • Most men will use beard oil on a daily basis. However, factors such as climate can be put into consideration. If you are in a humid environment, you may be required to use it only once in a while. On the other hand, you will have to apply it more than once every other day if you live in a dry climate.
  • Now how do you apply it? You should first pour it into your hands, then massage it into your skin before you spread it through your beard. Do not forget to distribute the oil evenly across your beard. The final touch will be combing your beard strategically.

A natural beard oil may sound like a good idea: which it is for a fact. However, while shopping for beard oil, make sure that you are getting a genuine one from a reputable manufacturer. Your skin is the last thing you would want to gamble with.