Toyota launches the 2018 Prado in Kenya


Toyota Kenya last week launched the new 2018 Land Cruiser Prado model. According to the Toyota Kenya MD, Arvinder Reel, the car was launched due to an increased market demand for a more luxurious model. Apparently the Prado commands a 47% market share in its segment. This is not a surprise as the SUV has become the car of choice for the government and NGOs.

The new Prado has a 2982 cc 3.0L L4 diesel engine that offers low emissions and fuel efficiency. When it comes to power, it packs 120Kw / 3400rpm and Torque of 400Nm / 1600 – 2800rpm. It comes with an automatic transmission and has an AI-SHIFT which automatically switches shifting patterns according to road conditions and driver intent.

For the off-road enthusiasts, the Prado comes with 5 driving modes that give you optimum traction on surfaces such as sand, mud, loose rock and dirt. Multi Terrain ABS ( anti-lock braking system) regulates the ABS to suit off road driving conditions to prevent skidding on surfaces with poor traction. It also comes equipped with a four-camera terrain monitor which enables you to have 6 different views of the terrain outside as you are driving.

To ensure the comfort of the occupants when going off-road, the SUV comes with electronically modulated rear air suspension plus Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) system. This system allows the vehicle to maintain a constant vehicle height irrespective of the number of occupants or the amount of cargo on board. The height is adjustable via a switch. The AVS regulates the damping force of the shock absorbers according to the driver input and road conditions. Thus, ensuring the comfort of the occupants on board the vehicle.

To enhance the safety of occupants, the Prado comes with an energy absorbing body structure that effectively absorbs impact energy from the front, side and rear. Impact absorbing structure of the hood, fenders and other components help enhance safety in accidents involving pedestrians. Vehicle Stability Control enhances stability when driving on a slippery surface. It does this by controlling engine output and braking at each wheel if the sensor detects an abrupt steering operation. It also has curtain-shield airbags that cover all three seat rows in a severe side collision, and a knee airbag for the driver that bolsters protection by distributing and cushioning impact on the knees in a severe collision.

This beast is retailing at Ksh. 13 Million and the first 50 units have already been sold out. More units will come into the country later this month. This goes to show how popular this model is.

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