If you want to continue your education but completing a master’s in university is not ideal for you and your lifestyle, you may want to consider gaining an online degree. With so many courses to choose from online, you can study with online universities in any country from the comfort of your own home in Kenya. Many Kenyans study abroad to get the best education from other countries, but now you can stay in Kenya and still gain the best education without leaving the house!

Flexibility with Online Degrees

With an online course such as Rutgers, studying a master’s degree whilst juggling a busy home and work life has never been easier. You can complete many master’s degrees full-time or part-time, depending on how quickly you’d like to finish the course and how much spare time you have. Unlike many university courses, the intake for online degrees isn’t just in September. You can start studying in spring, fall, and winter, depending on when you decide to study. This means if you decide to further your education, you don’t have to wait a year to start!

Studying Online Can Be Cheaper

Studying online can save you a lot of money, especially if you want to do a degree abroad. As a Kenyan, you may have to apply for a visa to study abroad, and this is just one of the many costs. Flights, accommodation, and other travel costs can all be saved if you study online, a great alternative for those who cannot afford to leave Kenya or those who have responsibilities here, meaning they cannot move to another country to study. Online degrees are usually cheaper too, as Rutgers Online does not have to pay for lecturers to give classes each week or for the lease of buildings, meaning they can offer degrees for a lower price than universities. This also means you will not be spending money on food and drink whilst attending lectures, as those coffees and snacks to get through the day can end up costing a lot more than you realize.

More Choice

Online degrees, especially online master’s degrees, offer a better choice than those you may find in universities across the world, including Kenya. Rutgers University offers many great master’s courses such as a master of education in learning, cognition, and development to further many careers and help you climb the career ladder, which is a great choice for budding psychologists and educators. There are many specialized master’s degrees that will be relevant to your role or future role that may not be available anywhere but online.

Whatever master’s degree you decide to study, gaining a master’s can be beneficial to further progress in your chosen career, so look at expanding your knowledge and expertise. Postgraduates can also earn a better salary, and with online degrees so easily accessible with the right qualifications, there is no better time to start your master’s level education.