Back in 2004, Kimani Maruge surprised Kenya and the rest of the world when he decided to enrol in primary school at the ripe old age of 84. He had missed out on education during his younger years but that had not killed his dream of receiving an education.

Likewise, there are many older people who wish to pursue their education despite their age.

Here is a list of institutions that they may consider:


  • Jabeli Education Centre and Adult Education
  • Elara Educational Centre
  • Kayole Adult Education Center
  • Muungano Adult Education Center
  • St. Peter Clavers School
  • PCEA Kibera Emmanuel Technical
  • Changing Times Adult School
  • Baraka Women’s Center

Outside Nairobi

  • Kengeleni Adult Education Center, Msa.
  • Maweni Community School
  • Tom Mboya Secondary School, Msa.
  • Mwangea Educational Center, Voi
  • Kapsirton¬†Adult Education¬†Centre, Eldoret
  • Second Chance Education Center, Eldoret
  • Acacia Adult Education Center, Eldoret
  • Gretta Adult Learning Centre, Kisumu East
  • Nyaimbo Adult Learning Centre, Kisumu East
  • Nyeri town Centre for Adult and Continuing Education

Typically, Adult Education( Elimu ya Ngumbaru) caters to persons aged 15 and above who may have missed out on receiving or completing their formal education due to various circumstances such as school drop out or expulsion.