It is interesting enough, that in spite of the fact that we can track a whole bunch of reported corruption cases in Kenya over the past few years, people rarely can really see a fair trial of convicted that would lead to an honest verdict and fair punishment of the guilty.

Where to find the truth that would reveal the real state of things and are there any proofs that prove the correctness or wrongness of this statement? What is the real reason why corruption suspects in Kenya?

We have recently tried to figure out why those people, who are responsible for corruption crimes, remain unpunished and have immunity for a fair court. And in this article, we will take a look at some of the most sensational cases that had to deal with corruption in this country and will discuss why these people were able to get away with doing what they have done.

We are going to talk about the case that took place in 2007. This case was filed at the Milimani Law Courts; the two sides were the Alldean Satellite Networks (Kenya) and KACC (Kenya Commission against corruption) presented a much-needed understanding of the activities of the mafia.

Details of the case.

In 2007, on the 27th of March, the Kibera court granted a search warrant to a KACC to examine premises of Guy Spencer Elms, Dhanji Virdee, Primarosa Flowers Ltd and David Raffman regarding the Anglo-Leasing.

To rid you of the unnecessary confusion, let’s first define the Anglo Leasing. In fact, it is multi-billion shillings corruption fraudulence. Anglo Leasing Finance had received about 3.2 billion to provide the government of Kenya with a printing system that would allow them to create new high-tech passports; other bogus companies were involved in the scam and had received money to supply maritime boats and scientific research centers.

Who was involved in the Anglo Leasing scam?

According to the facts, a few prominent individuals were also involved in Anglo Leasing, including the former by then British minister Sir Edward Clay and John Githongo.

The main names that were mentioned later by Githongo and Clay were the following: Chris Murungaru Moody Awori (who was the previous vice president), Kiraitu Murungi (former minister of justice), and David Mwiraria (former minister of finance).

A few less major organizations and individuals were also involved. According to the investigation of the Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission, David Raffman, Guy Spencer Elms, Primarosa Flowers Ltd and Dhanji Virdee were noted as implicated in contracts similar to Anglo Leasing.

Unfortunately, all of the attempts of KACC to punish the guilty were doomed to fail. This happened because all of the individuals and organizations mentioned above had the necessary resources and connections that allowed them to bypass the justice system and remain unpunished.

What happened next?

A company, which is associated with Guy Spencer – Alldean Satellite Networks, had turned to the court with the intention to accuse the KACC of treating the court with disrespect for choosing to attack the premises of the named people.

Alldean had before turned to court looking for requests to prohibit KACC from raiding the premises of Dhanji, Raffman, Primarosa Flowers Ltd, and Elms. However, the Chief Magistrate Kibera – Mr. Kiarie had approved the request of KACC to investigate the premises of the named people.

Then Alldean had turned to the High Court to once again request the court to prohibit KACC to search the Raffman, Dhanji, Elms and Primarosa Flowers Ltd premises.

In 19th February 2007, according to the recorded court case, Alleden blame the Chief Magistrate Kibera court, as well as four KACC authorities of being liable for contempt of the law.

The candidate contended that the blamed had been made mindful for the court’s request banning them from looking the premises of Raffman, Dhanji, Elms, and Primarosa Flowers Ltd yet regardless they went on and raided their premises.

Alldean Satellite Networks needed the Chief Magistrate Kibera court to be rebuffed for acting in abundance/without jurisdiction.

In other words, what the candidate was doing can be called a manipulation, as they simply tried to force the court to stop cases of evidence against people embroiled in the Anglo Leasing outrage. Moreover, surprisingly, online inquiry on Guy Spencer Elms gives intriguing outcomes, as he has additionally been connected to the Panama Papers.

Panama Papers are the documents that were disclosed to the Süddeutsche Zeitung – German newspaper, which displayed how rich individuals were involved in capital flight; how they hide cash in offshore accounts to abstain from paying taxes in their countries.

Capricorn Marketing Limited, an organization, connected with Guy Spencer was among 25 offshore elements that were embroiled in Panama Papers as contributing to capital flight from Kenya. The organization is enlisted in the Bahamas.

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