Why you should go to the Lamu Food Festival


From one foodie to another, we have a reason to go to Lamu for the food festival at Lamu Island. Lamu continues to grow as the “island of festivals” the event will combine both cultural and culinary activities to include a street food bazaar, food expo, food races and competitions, film feast, tours, seminar, cooking classes, and much more. The main attraction leading to this designation is its well-preserved traditional cuisine.

food festival2

Lamu has previously hosted numerous festivals including the world popular Lamu Cultural Festival and Maulidi Festival. The Food Festival is expected to attract an audience with an interest in a rich culinary experience including foodies (you and I), food bloggers, and other tourists interested in the Lamu cuisine. It is a family oriented so everyone can tag along. This is also an opportunity for food industry investors to promote their products or services at the event. This will allow investors to both enjoy the cultural delicacies while exploring the potential of investing in the food industry in Lamu. This is the time to lay down the calorie counting paranoia and go ham with all the food that will be there. You will also get to see how to learn how to make certain Swahili dishes in a glass. Check out the Lamu Food Festival program here lamutourism.org/Food_festival_program.


  • Festival name: Lamu Food Festival
  • Date: 15th April to 17th April 2016
  • Location: Lamu Archipelago, Kenya
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