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When Evans Kidero was elected the Governor of Nairobi there was a lot of enthusiasm surrounding his tenure. The belief was that Nairobi did not need another politician at the helm and the hope that the new Governor would use his set of skills, especially in business management, to raise the capital to the level it deserves. A year on, there are mixed reviews on what his tenure has produced so far but irregardless of these there are several issues that the Governor needs to address.

1. Insecurity

A few weeks back I was in a matatu on my way home when I saw a lady’s phone snatched from her as she sat in the passenger sit of a saloon car. As the thief ran into the streets of downtown Nairobi I couldn’t help but worry as to how insecurity in the city has grown over the past couple of months. This is a sentiment shared with most of those living in Nairobi and one of the key areas that the county government needs to address.

2. Water

In some areas of the county there are still people living with little or no water supply to their neighborhoods. Water is a basic human need and the need for clean water is a right that every citizen has.

3. Unemployment

A lot of blame for the state of unemployment in the country is placed on the national government but the county government also needs to play its part. With increased unemployment there is rise of insecurity in the county as most of the youth population are left idle. The county government can start by providing programs that help these unemployed youth gain useful skills that they can apply to earn a living.

4. Hygiene/Pollution

The capital is not as clean as it used to be. An example is the Ngara roundabout that Kenyan activist Boniface Mwangi has been trying to bring to the governor’s attention. This is not the only place that is littered in the city and it doesn’t show well for the aethetics and beauty that us held by Nairobi.

5. Slums/ poor housing

Nairobi is known for its slum settlements like Kibera but this doesn’t mean that those living there do not deserve proper housing conditions. A program to upgrade the housing facilities in these areas will go a long way to improving the lives of those living there.

6. Traffic

Traffic jams in Nairobi is something we have come to live with but with the recent constructions of by passes we always thought they would be a thing of the past. Measures need to be taken to reduce the congestion of vehicles into the Central Business District (CBD).

7. Street families

The county government needs to create a welfare program and housing space for the many street families in the CBD.

8. Disaster management

Lastly, the governor needs to look into improving the Disaster Management System in the county. We need better fire fighting trucks, an improved disaster management system and civil education on what to do in case of a disaster.

Hopefully, with a big part of his term still to go, the governor of Nairobi will work towards making life better for all the people living in Kenya’s capital.