Apartments in Nairobi

So, you are looking for affordable rental housing? Here a couple of places you could try out. These are not plush apartments but places where a young person can start off with their first salary as they save up for something better in the future.


Waiyaki Way provides an almost perfect haven. Houses there go for kshs. 15, 000 for a 3-bed roomed house. Kinoo offers a serene, stress free environment. Since it is not close to the CBD, food is much cheaper as it is grown from the farms around. Jam? There is no traffic jam if Westlands is removed from the equation. That means, from the Westlands round about, it takes 20 minutes and you’re in your house.

The downside however might be the infamous insecurity around the area.


Houses, good and spacious ones, are abound in Rongai. The cost of living is also low. The supermarkets around mean you can stay there for a whole weekend and your day-to-day needs are sorted. There are gated communities there too. Banks have moved there. The security isn’t much of an issue. Rongai, also jokingly referred to the diaspora, has one major problem. Traffic jam. With only two roads serving it, one can stay in traffic for over 3 hours. Those heading to town in the morning have to wake up before 4, and leave the house by 5 and not 5.15 a.m.

South B

If you want to be close to town, walking distance on a bad day, South B will fit you. If starting out however, don’t hope for a 2 or 3-bed roomed here. There are lots of Servants Quarters and Bedsitters in plenty here. They go for anything from 7 to 15k. Students who don’t end up in Ngara, end up in South B. It is more preferable. For the bachelor of course the green, quiet and fresh air of Rongai or Kabete has to be but just a dream.

The disadvantage of the SQ in South B is that you can’t fit all those LG fridges, poster beds and sideboards you’d want to buy.