Restaurant review: Sundeck Pizzeria And Grill



The Sundeck Pizzeria and Grill is an exquisite restaurant located at the junction of University Way and Koinange Street, inside the Nairobi Safari Club. It is known for its delicious pizzas offered with a wide range of drinks in a posh outdoor atmosphere. The pizzeria is a one stop shop and its menu includes Indian cuisines, vegetarian foods, grilled chicken and beef as well as coffee, tea and juices. Beverages cost as low as Ksh. 150 and the pizzas range from Ksh. 300 only for the small and from Ksh. 500 to Ksh. 1100 for the large depending on the type.

I visited Sundeck Pizzeria with a friend and I was delighted by the warm reception accorded to us and the delectable pizzas. First off, we got a special chance to watch our pizzas being prepared by the enthusiastic and cheerful Italian-trained chef, Fredrick. We sampled the new Palak Paneer Pizza, the Tomato Concasse Chicken Curry pizza and the Calzone Chicken Curry Pizza and had Mango and Passion fruit juices for drinks.

Calzone Chicken curry
Calzone Chicken curry

I ate the Palak Paneer pizza first and I must say that it exceeded my expectations in more ways than one. Palak Paneer is a vegetarian pizza and though I have always loved my pizzas with meat, I thought that this one was as pleasant to my taste buds as the others were. The vegetables were spiced and blended, the Paneer cheese was pre-fried and tasty and there was just enough of each ingredient. It tastes best when it’s hot and you do not have to be a vegetarian to like it. Besides, if you crave pizza and your doctor advised you to keep off meat or you are watching your weight then this is the pizza for you.

The Chicken Curry Pizza with Tomato Concasse base was made from tomatoes, green pepper, onions and Chicken Tikka. I especially loved how I could differentiate the tastes of the ingredients in my mouth yet the blend was heavenly. The Chicken Tikka pleased my taste buds and the vegetable mixture reminded me of nicely done kachumbari.

Palak Paneer Pizza
Palak Paneer Pizza

The Calzone Chicken Curry was slightly different from the other two because the dough was stretched to cover the chicken stuffing instead of leaving it exposed. The top was golden brown when cooked and just crunchy enough while the chicken stuffing was out of this world! I loved that it was juicy and I could feel the different spices used and the calzone chicken was scrumptious!

There are a million reasons why you should buy the Pizzas at Sundeck Pizzeria and Grill. They are made to perfection with just the right amount of salt and spice and the chef insists that they should ‘sparkle and have a smiling faceJ’. In case you do not love cheese, the Mozzarella Cheese used on most pizzas is grated so you do not even taste it.

I recommend the Sundeck Pizzeria and Grill for anyone who wants to have delicious pizzas, meals or drinks at a classy restaurant in the CBD any time from 10 a.m. till late. It is an ideal place for executive business meetings with clients or casual lunches or dinners with friends. Besides, you get a beautiful view of the city, the atmosphere is homely and the food is so delicious you won’t even realize you’re alone in case you don’t have company.

While there, you can also check out the Safari Restaurant and Terrace Bar, the Health Club (with gym, steam bath and sauna) or attend Sunday Brunch at the poolside.

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