Dunia ina Mambo - Just a Band

I always feel awed and inspired by Just a Band’s work and they never seem to disappoint, especially with their videos. After re-introducing (for those born or raised in the 90s era) to Makmende they have given us another journey back in time, via a time machine which they seem to have understood so well, with Dunia Ina Mambo. Dunia na Mambo is off Just a Band’s third album, Sorry for the Delay.

The video for Dunia ina mambo is just 3 days old and it already has four thousand views and if you’ve watched it you know why. From the intro you are taken back to the KBC old days. Kinda reminds you of the time when it was the “only” television station in Kenya and we would run from church early to watch shows such as Conan the Barbarian.

The video starts with the PAL sign/message that always appeared on video tape movies. The inclusion of the VOK testing gives it some authentic feel to it and immediately take you back in time. They even added the TV schedule that used to appear to show you which shows were to be shown that day.

I love the way their video always have a story to behind it and the narrative makes you enjoy the video further. Plus the humor that is integrated into it. This time there is spy thrill to it coupled with car chases, boat chases and also one involving tuk tuks 🙂 Just shows the amount of thought and creativity that went into the video. I keep wondering what’s in the briefcase.

The dances at the end are hilarious, reminds me of when I was younger and there were not “styles” of dancing as all you had to do was move your body to the rythm of the song.

In conclusion this is an awesome video and in parallel so is the song. You must watch it if you haven’t yet