Human beings are a curious species. We want to know more and more about each other. There are various ways to learn about someone, you can simply spend time with them and get to know them better or you can ask about them from people close to them. Alternatively you can check their personalities from the simplest of thing like their phone choice or the most personal like how they shower. Luckily I have decided to make it easier for you and research on various personality tests; so lets start with the most obvious; What your smartphone says about you.


Apple’s Iphone is more so a status symbol than a phone. Like those who drive a Mercedes yet a Toyota (or other car type) is more fuel efficient. If there’s something always credited to the late Steve Jobs and what made him a marketing genius is how he made the Iphone the cool guy’s phone. Wanna be cool, buy an Iphone.


There is a wide spectrum of Android users, from those who use it to fit in (just get an Iphone) to those who are tech lovers and want to explore the Android phone to its full capabilities. Despite all this, most Android users have one thing in common they love their individuality. Android phones are for those who define themselves and do not care much what the world thinks.


Blackberry is not the fanciest of phones but one thing it does is get the work done. It’s mostly a business phone but one thing it’s users have in common is simplicity. This is for people who want to do the minimum with their phone with the added advantage of having a PA integrated into it. And a damn good one at that.

Windows Phone

Windows Phone is an unknown quantity. It is used by those who want to stand out from the crowd. Every Tom, Dick and Harry plus their neighbours and cousins have an Android phone. The Windows Phone user is limited by a smaller number of apps on their store and the lack of customization android can give you on the phone, but since Windows Phone devices are few and far between, they start conversations when placed on a table.

The Windows Phone user is a lone ranger, fighting it out all on their own.

But despite all this “stereotyping” you can never know with humans, one could be a crazy creative but still prefer the simplicity of a feature phone.