Twiva recently won two accolades at the Kenya E-commerce Awards held at the Movenpick Hotel. Twiva is an AI-driven social commerce platform.

The company bagged 1st place in the Top Rising Star category and at first runner-up position, in the Best Social Commerce Platform category.

The recognition marks the first official entry of the growing social commerce category into the E-commerce Awards ceremony, now in its 5th edition. The E-commerce Awards aims to honor excellence in shopping, retail, and customer success, spotlighting businesses that excel in creating exceptional shopping experiences.

Twiva’s recognition comes amid significant growth in the social commerce sector in Kenya. Recent statistics highlight that 49% of Kenyans have made purchases through social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter, underscoring the vital role of social commerce in the country’s retail landscape. With the market projected to grow by 23.5% annually, Twiva’s innovative approach in utilizing AI and influencers positions it as a key player in this booming industry.

By connecting brands with influencers, Twiva has created a seamless and engaging shopping experience. This success illustrates the powerful synergy between technology and human influence in driving business growth and consumer engagement. Boasting a network of over 11,000 influencers, Twiva is empowering businesses to tap into the vast potential of social commerce.

In addition to leveraging social media, the platform also continues to set new standards for shopping experiences, fostering meaningful connections between brands and consumers. As social commerce continues to expand, Twiva is poised to drive further innovation and support the digital transformation of retail in Kenya.

Peter N. Kironji, CEO and Co-founder of Twiva had this to say about winning the award, “I celebrate the toil entrepreneurs put in, to growing their businesses, and these awards are a great way to honor that commitment. We are dedicated to revolutionizing the social commerce landscape in Kenya and beyond. By leveraging AI and the power of social media influencers, we are creating a new way for brands to connect with consumers, and realize actual conversion in their sales efforts.”