The Tanzania Women Chamber of Commerce (TWCC) and TradeMark Africa (TMA) have converged more than 350 women for the Economic Empowerment of Women Conference in Zanzibar.

The convention, which coincided with the global celebration of International Women’s Day, aimed to catalyze economic empowerment through mentoring programmes for the attendees.

The theme for the conference was Invest in Women for Sustainable Development. Spearheaded by TWCC and TMA, the conference provided women with insights into trade opportunities, fostering knowledge exchange, celebrating women leaders in business, and nurturing emerging talents.

Present at the conference was Hon. Hemed Suleiman Abdulla, Second Vice President of Zanzibar, underscored the government’s commitment to women’s empowerment noting, “Zanzibar is dedicated to ensuring women’s full participation in economic activities.”

TradeMark Africa reaffirmed its commitment to women’s economic empowerment with an investment of over USD 3 million (Ksh 402.7 million) in Tanzania over the past seven years. Mr. Elibariki Shammy, Country Director of TMA, announced an additional investment of USD 1.5 million (Ksh 201 million) to support 12,000 women entrepreneurs across Zanzibar and the mainland.

“TradeMark Africa’s engagement extends beyond financial support. We are actively collaborating with government bodies and institutions to enhance trade infrastructure, streamline regulatory processes, and foster a conducive business environment for women,” highlighted Mr. Shammy.

Also speaking at the conference, TWCC National Chairperson, Ms. Mercy Sila commended the government’s support and reiterated TWCC’s mission to empower women across Tanzania. “Through collaborative efforts with the government and other stakeholders, TWCC has transformed the lives of thousands of women, enabling them to succeed in business and contribute to national development,” she remarked.

The Economic Empowerment of Women Conference is testament to the collective commitment to advancing gender equality and economic prosperity in Tanzania. These efforts have set the stage for women to thrive in trade and commerce.